Sunday September 25, 2022

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Yeah, yeah, I know my values, my beliefs, it’s my kids, honesty, nature… Cool story, bro!

Knowing your unique hierarchy of values, or highest priorities, is the most important place to start if you intend to expand to the next level of your life.

VALUES ARE UNCONSCIOUS. Meaning you will be unaware of what the primary drivers are, the intrinsic motivators of your life are.

Knowing your values is knowing your true identify, purpose in life.

Whether you wish to grow your finances, leadership, influence or your business, whether your intention is to transform your relationship, health or any area of your life, it all starts with understanding what’s highest on your Values.

Brendon Giebel - Human Behaviour Expert & Life Strategist

Thursday July 14, 2022

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Today I chat with Brendon Giebel. Brendon is the founder of Advanced Men's Development and the men's movement he is creating. He has trained, coached and impacted the lives of hundreds of men around the world.

Brendon has several services he has to offer men, including 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, live workshops, speaking engagements, books and high-level mentoring.

Time Travel With Hypnotherapy

Wednesday June 29, 2022

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Because during our early years of life we are like sponges, absorbing all we see, what we are told and we form our personalities to become who we are today. It is during this time that many of our beliefs are formed, programmed into our unconscious mind.

Some of these beliefs formed while growing up may be positive and others may be responsible for feelings that result in pain, sadness, suffering, self sabotage.

Today as adults, we may be unaware what many of our old programmed beliefs are, especially the ones holding us back and causing us pain and suffering.

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The Shadow Effect

Wednesday June 22, 2022

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We hide our deepest fears from the world.

And within these deepest fears lie our deepest treasures and our deepest strengths

Everyone has a shadow self, you cannot get rid of it permanently no matter how hard you try. The older we get the harder we work to suppress and repress things about ourselves.

So what is the Shadow Effect, and how does it apply to you?

Warren Alcock - Director at HALO SPORT Talent Representation Agency NZ

Wednesday May 04, 2022

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Warren Alcock is widely regarded as one of the most experienced sports lawyers in New Zealand. He’s one of the most influential figures in New Zealand rugby and has represented most of New Zealand’s top All Blacks and other elite athletes.

At 56 years young this remarkable and humble human decided to honour his late friend by undertaking the incredible feat of 1000 Pull Ups in 6 hours with very minimal lead up training! His challenge raised $6000 for the ‘Movember’ charity.

I had the privilege of being contacted by Warren in the lead up to his event to work with him and make sure he was game day ready mentally.

I wanted to chat with him post event to get his insight, wisdom and extra tips I could snag as I prepare to take on my own challenge of the 24hour Guinness World Record Pull up attempt.

Enjoy listening to this incredible man and his metaphors for sport, business and life.

Juliet Lever & Paul Eliseo - Co-founders of Evolve & Relaunch Education

Thursday April 28, 2022

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With over 20 years of combined experience in the personal development industry, Paul and Juliet have trained a community of students worldwide in NLP and Hypnotherapy as a couple they are deeply passionate about bringing transformational skills and empowering knowledge to coaches and individuals to deepen their healing, confidence, skills and personal transformations.

I am very fortunate to have been trained, educated and nurtured from both of these amazing humans.Join me as we delve in to the fascinating world of Hypnotherapy & NLP and how it can launch us forward as the best version of ourself and in to the best life imaginable!

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