Kurt Aldridge - Setting A Boxing World Record - 127 x 3 min Rounds

Wednesday February 22, 2023

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Meet Kurt Aldridge - Kurt's a Boxing Coach and Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Kurt is also preparing to break a boxing world record in an effort to raise funds for youth mental health in Port Stephens, NSW.

What will it take? 127 consecutive sparring 3 minute rounds with a 1 minute break between rounds! 

Kurt's world record attempt will be held at Next Level Boxing Port Stephens on the March 2, 2023 - it's an open event for everyone to come and check out and participate in sparring some rounds if you wish.

This is next level and for a great cause: #standinguptothebullies

The purpose of this event is to raise money for headspace to bring youth-centred mental health workshops to Port Stephens.

Dunk Mommy Sober Mommy - Victoria Vanstone

Tuesday February 14, 2023

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Victoria Vanstone is the host of Sober Awkward – A comedy podcast about two ex-party animals navigating parenting and socialising without their old buddy booze. She’s also an author and the CEO of www.cuppa.community, the free social network for the sober and sober curious. Victoria describes herself as an all-round professional party pooper. She was forced to address her drinking habit after having children in her mid 30’s and eventually, after suffering from hangover induced anxiety for years, decided to reach out and get therapy. Vic started writing about addiction and parenting on the day she gave up drinking and is passionate about helping others stuck in a pattern of normalised social binge drinking. Victoria is from the UK and now lives on the Sunshine Coast with her three uncontrollable children and a very patient husband. Victoria’s comedy memoir will be released in March 2024 published by Pantera Press.

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Book out March 2024. Watch this space!

Atomu - Sunshine Coast Golf Centre

Wednesday February 08, 2023

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Atomu Started playing golf at the age of 11 with the influence of his dad. As he got better and more addicted he wanted to be the best player in the world and idolised Tiger Woods.

Atomu put in lots of work to develop his skills and strength & conditioning with help of world class coaches. He dabbled a bit with psychology but felt like they were afraid to say what actually needed to happen.

So he built the SCGC to help golfers develop and fine tune their skills, and has now partnered up with JMT to help with the strength & conditioning and mental performance to help golfers understand what and how to improve.

Ange Harris

Wednesday February 01, 2023

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She's a personal trainer, a boxer, a runner and a human being (people often forget that last one). So far Ange has lived life like like she types - fast with a lot of mistakes.

What a sensational session, with Ange sharing the capacity and ability to shift everything in a moment. I believe everything comes back to love, your ability to give it and receive it. You can only be as tall as you can deep.

Jim Rohn was famous for saying, “You have two choices: You can make a living or you can design a life."

Here Ange gives us insights into her highest priorities, finishing on what gives her the "mental edge". The most important part of an athlete is the part of the above the shoulders, "you are what you think". So don't miss Ange sharing her incredible thoughts on mental performance.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Fate: loving the fearless
  • Embracing an attitude of making it ok to fail, have a crack
  • Goal setting

You can find Ange here:

Don't just set goals, ACHIEVE them! NOW!

Tuesday January 03, 2023

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Sick of self defeating behaviours? Exhausted with the self sabotaging cycles? Frustrated with poor self image and belief dismantling your dreams?

“Success isn’t that difficult; it merely involves taking twenty steps in a singular direction. Most people take one step in twenty directions”

Goals are powerful because they give you the direction, clarity, and focus to thrive in life. Yet many people struggle to make consistent progress, follow through on their tasks, or reach any of their objectives despite their best effort. Often, there’s something deeper at root holding them back—mentally, emotionally, etc —stopping them from achieving their visions.

The goals they've set are not aligned with their VALUES, their highest priorities in life, the things MOST important to the individual. Our values are those deep down beliefs we hold about our purpose and our place in the world. Values might be considered the primary drivers behind our human experience they tell us who we are, our purpose, our identity. And when we live in alignment with them, we feel authentic and fulfilled. In order to make our values more manageable, first we need to identify them, then address them one by one. Then our goals become landmarks along the path as we navigate our way through life guided by our values.

WANT to learn more?

Join Jamie Milne to utilise Universal & Scientific laws, to go from where you are now to where you WANT to be!

YOU GET: - Full Values deconstruction - Full Goal setting session in alignment linked with Values - 2023 Standard of goal setting framework tools and resources to achieve your greatest visions

Tickets: $49.00 per person

Scrap The NY Resolutions. Instead, get out of B.E.D and grab the O.A.R in 2023

Wednesday December 14, 2022

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Setting unrealistic resolutions is often the cornerstone of historical New Year failure.

Consider this for your NY objectives: adopt a life principle instead. It will lead you to a more empowered life, the life of the victor! Not the disempowered life of the victim.