Sheridan Stewart - I Am Enough 90 Day Challenge

Friday August 04, 2023

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I Am Enough is the story of writer, speaker and broadcaster Sheridan Stewart's personal ninety day challenge to slow down and focus on self care.

Constantly busy, Sheridan found that she had little time to focus on the things that would help her to be content. Consequently, she came up with a personal what it means to have enough - by spending less, eating less and to stop overworking.

The challenge became so life affirming that Sheridan decided to write it down to encourage others to undertake their own personal challenge.

Joshua Milne & Caleb Pugh - "Caramilk"

Thursday June 22, 2023

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Watch in todays episode of JMTTv The journey from the bottom of the CrossFit world to messy middle stomping ground of the sport of fitness for these two young athletes.

There is wisdom beyond their years in this Episode, a great watch for CrossFit enthusiasts and fitness minded alike.

Find more Josh and Caleb at JMT Warana - click here

Ben & Wes - The Kokoda Trail 2023 in Papua New Guinea

Tuesday May 30, 2023

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We talk resilience, Endurance, and the Kokoda Trail 2023 Anzac Day in PNG.

Hear how these two self-employed fathers, middle age men, tackle the Kokoda Trail, their thoughts, experiences highlights, and suggestions for any other would be trekker.

Steff Fitness & Pilates Victoria

Friday April 21, 2023

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Join Stef of Stef Fitness & Pilates from Portalington Victoria as we talk New York Marathon, 100km + Ultras, wisdom from our running pasts, advice for new runners, and how Stef endurance based learnings have impacted her life.

You can find Stef here, tons of cool content, and online services

Kurt Aldridge - Setting A Boxing World Record - 127 x 3 min Rounds

Wednesday February 22, 2023

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Meet Kurt Aldridge - Kurt's a Boxing Coach and Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Kurt is also preparing to break a boxing world record in an effort to raise funds for youth mental health in Port Stephens, NSW.

What will it take? 127 consecutive sparring 3 minute rounds with a 1 minute break between rounds! 

Kurt's world record attempt will be held at Next Level Boxing Port Stephens on the March 2, 2023 - it's an open event for everyone to come and check out and participate in sparring some rounds if you wish.

This is next level and for a great cause: #standinguptothebullies

The purpose of this event is to raise money for headspace to bring youth-centred mental health workshops to Port Stephens.

Dunk Mommy Sober Mommy - Victoria Vanstone

Tuesday February 14, 2023

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Victoria Vanstone is the host of Sober Awkward – A comedy podcast about two ex-party animals navigating parenting and socialising without their old buddy booze. She’s also an author and the CEO of, the free social network for the sober and sober curious. Victoria describes herself as an all-round professional party pooper. She was forced to address her drinking habit after having children in her mid 30’s and eventually, after suffering from hangover induced anxiety for years, decided to reach out and get therapy. Vic started writing about addiction and parenting on the day she gave up drinking and is passionate about helping others stuck in a pattern of normalised social binge drinking. Victoria is from the UK and now lives on the Sunshine Coast with her three uncontrollable children and a very patient husband. Victoria’s comedy memoir will be released in March 2024 published by Pantera Press.

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