The ladies from THINK Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Friday December 01, 2023

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Had one of the best chats this morning with Shan Clayton & Leanne Davis of THINK Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Think Coaching & Hypnotherapy are two empowered women who empower women. They’re the real deal. They don’t pretend to be anything other than who they authentically are.

When people work with them, they gain the support of someone who has walked a tough journey in this life, conquered the proverbial demons, and lived to tell the tale. The ladies work in regional and rural Australia and support women, men, and teens from across Australia, from the cities to the country, working online via Zoom.

They offer a free, no-strings-attached enquiry call that can easily be booked online:

If they’re not the right fit for someone, they’ll happily refer to someone within their broad network who will be.

Kirsty Levy - Philanthropist

Friday October 06, 2023

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Join us today for a wonderful chat about Philanthropy, supporting, championing and being an advocate for doing good, sharing love, and the many levels of connection.


Rize Up Bingo Brunch tickets this upcoming Saturday October 21, 2023:

And here is a link for casting for Adventure All Stars

Nicole Forgione - Hormone & Mindset Coach

Sunday September 24, 2023

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Based in Albany, Western Australia, with her husband and two kids, Nicole is passionate about helping woman women in developing a healthy relationship with food and their bodies, free from fear, guilt and punishment.

Real health doesn’t rely on a number on the scale; it’s more about energy levels, quality of sleep, how you manage stress, emotional well-being, work-life balance and on a deeper level, your view of the world.

"Menopause" may be a word that makes many women uneasy. Expecting hot flashes, mood swings, and weight gain can cause dread of this inevitable phase of life.

Jay Anderson - Hauora Healing

Friday September 08, 2023

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Join Jay and I for one of the best JMT Podcasts to date.

Learn how pain has led this man and his family to purpose, and gain insight to some super helpful breathwork tools for
Stress Management, and activation when you need some energy.

Sheridan Stewart - I Am Enough 90 Day Challenge

Friday August 04, 2023

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I Am Enough is the story of writer, speaker and broadcaster Sheridan Stewart's personal ninety day challenge to slow down and focus on self care.

Constantly busy, Sheridan found that she had little time to focus on the things that would help her to be content. Consequently, she came up with a personal what it means to have enough - by spending less, eating less and to stop overworking.

The challenge became so life affirming that Sheridan decided to write it down to encourage others to undertake their own personal challenge.

Joshua Milne & Caleb Pugh - "Caramilk"

Thursday June 22, 2023

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Watch in todays episode of JMTTv The journey from the bottom of the CrossFit world to messy middle stomping ground of the sport of fitness for these two young athletes.

There is wisdom beyond their years in this Episode, a great watch for CrossFit enthusiasts and fitness minded alike.

Find more Josh and Caleb at JMT Warana - click here