Jamie is a sought after speaker who has captivated audiences across Australia and NZ with his stories of persistence and perseverance, endurance and positivity.

His dynamic, engaging and inspirational presentations focus on going beyond perceived limitations to be the best that you can be. He talks about unlocking an inner strength and spirit to achieve extraordinary results.

His real-life examples explore the topics of:

  • dealing with adversity,
  • overcoming obstacles,
  • setting and reaching lofty goals,
  • the importance of teamwork, even in solo endeavors,
  • and excelling in a competitive and often confusing world.

In his presentations, he examines and discusses the essential ingredients necessary for high-achievement and developing the ability to prevail against staggering odds.

Jamie is real, believable, because his achievements and accomplishments are real, and he delivers his message with the insight and candor that only one who has lived through such experiences can. His tales of endurance and perseverance are often comical; sometimes tear-jerking, and always entertaining.

Attendees will take away useful practical tools, be interactive with Jamie, and also receive a copy of his digital book 12 Weeks to an Ultra Marathon

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