Jamie Milne, Keynot Speaker

Jamie Milne

There are no other words for it: Jamie inspires others to greatness.

Guinness World Record holder, Success Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Director of a successful strength and conditioning facility on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast, Jamie is also an author and the founder of the Wairua Documentary Project and Many Miles for Mary Charity Campaign, amongst just a few of his achievements.

Jamie works to lead, and leads others to achieve greater works for themselves - he will electrify your audience and inspire them to reach beyond their perceptions of limitations. Jamie can't help it - it's just the way he lives his own life.

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Main Highlights

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Keynote moments

Invest in Your Head

Watch selected moments from one of Jamie's keynote appearances.

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Wairua Spirit

Jamie is the focus of a 10 year documentary project, probing the limits of human endurance to uncover the hidden drivers that shape our best leaders and achievers.

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Business Director, Community Leader

Not just a celebrated endurance athlete, Jamie is also an accomplished businessman with a notable professional career working for pro athletes, corporate and wellness clients, as well as recreational fitness enthusiasts through his own business. On top of this, Jamie still finds time to build upon his enviable track record of philanthropism and community participation.

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Committed & Inspiring

Jamie is a rare talent - someone who can make us laugh at ourselves while inspiring us to put in the extra miles to deliver our own best results. This and much more he brings to his presentations.

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