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Your Words Shape Your Experiences

Your Words Shape Your Experiences
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Training in the gym or running on the road is easy for most……if not now, then eventually

It’s the psychological aspects of training that most people have repeated struggle with. And the Godfather of this mental Mafia is  our own self-imposed limitations.

Self-imposed limitations are the minds own ball and bullshit chain that holds us down and prevents us from our potential.

When we consciously or even unconsciously set these limiting beliefs and boundaries on ourselves we dismantle the achievable.

Because in reality even if we are capable of exceeding the unthinkable benchmarks, our shitty vision of self image will never allow it. WE SELF SABOTAGE, And we are damn good at it as well

I do believe this wouldn’t be so much of an issue if people regularly set their limits high, but in my experience of the last decade of trading, we all set the bar way to low, and achieve it!

The rocks we cast onto our own path, and the lack of back up we give ourselves, or our abilities are directly proportional to our self image. The lower the self image, the lower the expectations we have of ourselves.

Until self image improves, until we actually believe we are capable of more, we will always continually underperform no matter what program or diet is followed.

Sometimes there is hope! Sometimes the people in your circle make the invisible VISIBLE!!!!!

So Surround yourself with people who are on your journey or MORE. Surround yourself with people who work as hard as you IF NOT harder. Hang with those with the same dedication if not additional.

Be with those who inspire you, and that you serve as inspiration too.

Featured in this blogs image is my very own man of motivation Mr Neil Collie.

From STROKE TO SUPERMAN, and with the spirit of the Sunny Coast in his veins.

Right now he is undertaking the multi day BIG RED RUN, a 250km Ultra Marathon through the Australian desert.

Neil reminds me almost daily,  that it  never helps to be the biggest fish in the smallest pond. Find those on the same journey as you, they motivate you, they will indirectly push you to become a better YOU.

You’ll be focused more on the ever evolving higher life purpose and less on your own limitations, and for that Mr Collie ill be forever grateful.

Regardless of how you overcome your limitations the key is to remember that doing so is an essential part of the process of life and improvement. These self-imposed limitations are the very thing that maybe holding you back – not actual limitations.

So Are you fulfilling your potential? Are you capable of more? Are you a self-limiter? Give it some thought. Chances are you could be better or do more. All of us can.



Jamie Milne

Jamie is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
A diverse and somewhat interesting background, drives this 14 year old school drop out, author, gym owner and Guinness world record holder, to success through shear limits of human endurance.
Jamie’s infectious enthusiasm for fitness and human development started with a 7-year stretch with the Royal New Zealand Navy
This lit a fire within him and inspired Jamie to excel, instilling that not everyone will be the best, but everyone can be their best.
Jamie has over 14 years’ experience as an International Strength and Conditioning Coach working for a number of world ranked professional athletes, Kuwait’s Royal Family, sports teams, and the members of his Sunshine Coast based training facility.
A seasoned competitive athlete, with
16 Years as an Amateur Boxer
10 Years as an Australasian and Pacific ranked Cross Fit Athlete
And Jamie’s self proclaimed decade long gift to the world “Journey Running”.
Jamie’s 10 year relationship with inhuman endurance based accolades + professional career working with humans on a psychological and physiological level, serves as a vessel, an analogy of comparison between life, business, running and wellness
Passion is far more powerful than motivation. Once you are passionate about something – be it a goal, challenge or change you want to make, the motivation to pursue it is already present. This combination of passion and persistence is transparent with those that utilize Jamie’s services.
They say the most powerful force on this planet is the human soul on fire.
Come and see for yourself!!!!!!

Jamies qualifications include University Diploma in Sports Psychology, Advanced First Aid Provider & CPR, Certification 3 & 4 in Fitness, Personal Training CrossFit Trainer Level 1, CrossFit Olympic, Weight Lifting Certificate, CrossFit Gymnastic Certificate, CrossFit Endurance Certificate, Kettlebell Coach Level 1, POSE Running Certificate, A.I.B.A International Boxing Coach License, AWF Sports Power Coach (Olympic Weightlifting) Level 1, Queensland Blue Card, PADI Dive Master, PADI Rescue Diver, and Apnea Australia Free Diving Instructor Stage A Certificate