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The Tale Of The LFTG (Legitimate F*&ken Tough Guy/ Girl)

One of the most important attributes an individual can have is MENTAL toughness.
We hear or read about this popular “hipster” behaviour and characteristic often in the fitness world.
I have my own perception, thoughts, and opinion/ experience on what it takes to be
psychologically fierce, a relentless battler, and unbreakable.

Mental toughness is not an inherited gift or instant 4 week return on a small short online course investment!
You CANNOT and should not click on a “subscribe” NOW link, featured in a flashy FB button in the depths of an attractive
➖ Navy Seal advert
➖ Mental Toughness Course
➖ 8 Weeks to an indomitable mind
➖ Get the Special Forces Mental Edge
these fuckers have lured you in and tricked you!

Mental toughness is an acquired skill, a potent inner strength developed over time.
It warmed my heart and reassured my curious mind recently reading a Q&A section of Coach Ross Enamits website, where Ross was asked “Ross What’s The Best Supplement for an Endurance Athlete”
Of which Ross replied
“A strong Mind”

You cannot and should not purchase another individual’s experiences.
No issue with having a scroll and thinking “well fuck me” that shit is heavy!!
I’m inspired!!! Wow hold the phone!
But please find the wisdom to realise, They cannot step in the arena for you!
Adversity, pressured environments, undesirable and uncomfortable circumstances are qualities of Mental toughness development.
These dramatic challenges force us to either rise up and met the fuckers head on or back down and settle to safety.
An individual will be introduced to their REAL SELVES the longer they spend here.

Whilst surfing the other day with a colleague (Emma Ferrante) AMAZING JMT Trainer and fitness professional LEGEND
We discussed in depth the subject of personal growth, mindset, and the topic of mental toughness.
Through my own growth, experiences behaviour and belief about myself I came to the following delayed conclusion.
Like our muscles and physical skills, mental toughness and tenacity can be gradually learned over time through quality instruction, practise, multiple and regular difficult experiences over time.

In general comfort, modern life and comfortability is softening us, slowly dulling our flame crushing our inner fire.
Warm houses, money, convenience products “food” “Uber, and systems, cars, even our fitness industry.
When's the last time you slept in the Bush?
Ran, walked, worked in the pouring rain for lengthy periods?
When Was the last time you were dropped at sea in a boat in the middle of the night, and forced to swim back to your clothes, with your phone, and only your own mind and fear for company?

If you think modern day civilisation is softening you up or you identify the area of mental toughness as being a chink in your armour try this simple yet profound suggestion.

Source out the hard road ALWAYS.
Stop with the easy option selections, that shit is always there, always there waiting for our instant gratifying mannerisms, opt more for discomfort, the uncomfortable conversations, the facing of fears, the shit we hate!
Watch the personal growth blossom, the mental toughness BLOOM, the more we select this personal option the better we become.
Broccoli over bread
Run don’t fucken walk
Gym not Gin
When drinking alcohol (Drink the first one, sip the second, fuck of the third)
These are obviously just subtle throw away ideas, to give you a thought process or direction.
I have adopted this approach a lot in my life recently.
Enduring physical challenges have never broke my mental resolve, the military, boxing, CrossFit, Ultra Marathons etc.
My mind is my sword, Sharp, lethal at the pointy end, I’ve been challenged obviously, but not destroyed in this area.

And all life’s normal challenges are where my LFTG (Legitimate Fucken Tough Guy) skills need work and development.
Business, relationships, decision making etc.

Identify where you can search for the hard road, the tougher options where’s the chink in your armour.
And develop your version of the LFTG

Jamie Milne

Jamie is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
A diverse and somewhat interesting background, drives this 14 year old school drop out, author, gym owner and Guinness world record holder, to success through shear limits of human endurance.
Jamie’s infectious enthusiasm for fitness and human development started with a 7-year stretch with the Royal New Zealand Navy
This lit a fire within him and inspired Jamie to excel, instilling that not everyone will be the best, but everyone can be their best.
Jamie has over 14 years’ experience as an International Strength and Conditioning Coach working for a number of world ranked professional athletes, Kuwait’s Royal Family, sports teams, and the members of his Sunshine Coast based training facility.
A seasoned competitive athlete, with
16 Years as an Amateur Boxer
10 Years as an Australasian and Pacific ranked Cross Fit Athlete
And Jamie’s self proclaimed decade long gift to the world “Journey Running”.
Jamie’s 10 year relationship with inhuman endurance based accolades + professional career working with humans on a psychological and physiological level, serves as a vessel, an analogy of comparison between life, business, running and wellness
Passion is far more powerful than motivation. Once you are passionate about something – be it a goal, challenge or change you want to make, the motivation to pursue it is already present. This combination of passion and persistence is transparent with those that utilize Jamie’s services.
They say the most powerful force on this planet is the human soul on fire.
Come and see for yourself!!!!!!

Jamies qualifications include University Diploma in Sports Psychology, Advanced First Aid Provider & CPR, Certification 3 & 4 in Fitness, Personal Training CrossFit Trainer Level 1, CrossFit Olympic, Weight Lifting Certificate, CrossFit Gymnastic Certificate, CrossFit Endurance Certificate, Kettlebell Coach Level 1, POSE Running Certificate, A.I.B.A International Boxing Coach License, AWF Sports Power Coach (Olympic Weightlifting) Level 1, Queensland Blue Card, PADI Dive Master, PADI Rescue Diver, and Apnea Australia Free Diving Instructor Stage A Certificate

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