Ty Thompson

  • Level 1 XFit
  • Enrolled Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness

Tylene sees it as her purpose to see your true potential, your essence; so that you may come to recognise it in yourself. Her innate ability to see the best in you is driven by her passion in movement and her holistic approach to training.

Training is a gateway to improvement physically, mentally and emotionally. With Tylene’s expertise in lifting, gymnastics and an authentic approach to the individual, your training will be unique and challenging. If you are curious about what you can do and how to reach your goals, Tylene’s creative approach to training is sure to suit you. Her approach to training is holistic.

Tylene thrives on seeing movement as a foundation for how we show up in life and fully supports her clients helping them to reach and supersede their ideals. Her infectious adrenaline and positive attitude will inspire you to experience new things and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Under her guidance, you will have the tools to initiate action in all areas of your life. Tylene is an invested coach who takes her connection with her clients personally and seriously.

“Take a chance. Take a risk. Step out and create your own Masterpiece. This isn’t easy (and may not be for everyone) but I guarantee you, those that live with this exquisite sense of freedom are sure to find their Purpose. To discover the greatest work that they can craft in themselves and those around them. Perhaps this all seems too much. But what if, with the right tools, you could mould, create and showcase your own masterpiece… YOU.”