Kerryn White

  • 16 years Karate instructor (Go Kan Ryu Karate)
  • 4th Dan Black Belt holder

I’ve been a part of the JMT team for 2½ years as a Fighting Fit coach for both adults and children.

I’ve had a couple of Amateur Boxing fights but my background is in Martial Arts, with 16 years experience as an instructor with Go Kan Ryu Karate.

I’m a 4th Dan Black Belt and have been honoured to represent Australia and New Zealand at several World Cup events, with 3 world titles and many national titles.

I’ve also been fortunate to represent Canterbury and New Zealand in:

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Athletics
  • Touch Rugby

I’m really excited about continuing to expand the Fighting Fit classes and have an absolute passion for watching everyday people learn and practice new skills, whilst having fun , gaining confidence, seeing and feeling changes to their health and fitness, and feeling mentally and physically empowered.