Jamie Milne

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • University Diploma in Sports Psychology
  • Advanced First Aid Provider & CPR
  • Certification 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Personal Training CrossFit Trainer Level 1
  • CrossFit Olympic
  • Weight Lifting Certificate
  • CrossFit Gymnastic Certificate
  • CrossFit Endurance Certificate
  • Kettlebell Coach Level 1
  • POSE Running Certificate
  • A.I.B.A International Boxing Coach License
  • AWF Sports Power Coach (Olympic Weightlifting) Level 1
  • Queensland Blue Card
  • PADI Dive Master
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • Apnea Australia Free Diving Instructor Stage A Certificate

Jamie is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

A diverse and somewhat interesting background, drives this 14 year old school drop out, author, fitness facility owner and Guinness world record holder, to success through sheer limits of human endurance.

Jamie’s infectious enthusiasm for fitness and human development started with a 7-year stretch with the Royal New Zealand Navy, lighting a fire within him and inspiring Jamie to excel, instilling in him the truth that not everyone will be the best, but everyone can be their best.

Jamie has over 14 years’ experience as an International Strength and Conditioning Coach working for a number of world ranked professional athletes, Kuwait’s Royal Family, sports teams, and the members of his Sunshine Coast based training facility.

A seasoned competitive athlete, including:

  • 16 Years as an Amateur Boxer
  • 10 Years as an Australasian and Pacific ranked Cross Fit Athlete
  • As the subject of 10 year documentary project Wairua Spirit, a decade of documentation, encapsulating the powerful, often invisible, drivers of the human spirit in response to extreme physical demands of ultra-endurance

Passion is far more powerful than motivation. Once you are passionate about something – be it a goal, challenge or change you want to make, the motivation to pursue it is already present. This combination of passion and persistence is transparent with those that utilise Jamie’s services.

They say the most powerful force on this planet is the human soul on fire. Come and see for yourself!