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12 Weeks to an Ultra Marathon - PDF/ebook

Training for ultra distance running is a simple event made difficult - there are a multitude of training options out there.

If you continue to do what you have always done, expect to only get what you have always got. But if you're prepared to take a leap of faith, Jamie Milne's 12 Weeks to an Ultra Marathon may be the best investment in your athleticism you will make.

The great distance runners of our time all have something very similar in common - they oozed basics! They didn’t stand on vibrating platforms, digest carbo shots, magic pills or potions, or even spend countless hours training from sunrise till sunset for weeks on end.

It's time to stop looking for the new fad or edge and start looking at history and real results because, unlike modern marketing, human endurance is built into our genetics - it is how the human race has survived and evolved over millions of years. Harnessing your own natural endurance potential with the right mindset and approaches can revolutionise your training and deliver new rewards, no matter how seasoned the athlete.

Jamie Milne, a New Zealand Maori, ultra endurance athlete and training coach, shows his tried and tested techniques and workouts, designed to slash the overtraining and cut through the modern smoke and mirrors around approach and methodology when preparing for ultra running events.

12 Weeks to an Ultra Marathon is a must-read for any distance runner who aspires to running longer, harder, faster and at the same time minimizing injury.