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Success Coaching Free Consultation

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Success Coaching with Jamie Milne is is a process that enables individuals to achieve their definition of success. Jamie's goal is to help individuals both to define and achieve realistic goals faster and with greater ease than would otherwise be possible.

Success Coaching generally takes the form of 12 week programs, built around three very powerful pillars:

  1. PATIENCE - Achieved and supported through, breathing techniques, cold water therapy, accountability and goal setting strategies and systems
  2. POSITIVITY - Health is paramount. No health, NO Nothing! Your food intake will be examined, overhauled, along with sleep, stress, lifestyle choices, and much more is adjusted in a supportive, systemised approach
  3. PERSISTENCE - Exercise, conditioning, strength and resilience is achieved in a very professional, personalised and powerful context.

Some clients  undertake Success Coaching to overcome burnout or break through plateaus. Some are looking for higher level risk management tools necessary to bring in more business, or a lifestyle change requiring committing to and then completely changing their mindset and body composition.

Jamie also supports clients who already operate at very high levels! As people adapt to overwhelming success Jamie can offer a solid sounding board, accountable, unbiased.

Success Coaching will also help you achieve goals that don’t always show up as monetary or career accomplishments. Success Coaching with Jamie also offers professional development that emphasises ways to have better experiences of life.