Jaw Pullup Grips

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The Original Hand Grip

JAW Pullup Grips are the Original premium fabric grip since 2011.

Continually improved over the years, the superior fabric grip in the market. Improvements have included extra layers of fabric which allows for a slightly thicker and more absorbent grip which means they will last longer! Size appropriate finger holes scaled to each grip and a streamlined quality control process to ensure each grip is identical yet remains handmade.

Designed to move with the reflexes of your hand, JAW Pullup Grips allow maximum mobility and comfort while you work out and eliminate friction with their incredibly soft, durable, absorbent fabric. Not solely attributed to their usefulness with Pullups, they also work phenomenally well with most activities that require hand protection during high repetition movements!

Cross-training enthusiasts across the world still choose JAW! Based on statistics, JAW grips consistently outsell all competition and receive the highest customer ratings across the board. Handmade in Australia, there is no comparison when it comes to quality.


  • Premium Cloth Fabric
  • Minimalistic feel, soft, stretchy
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Versatile and durable
  • Grip enhancement
  • Australian Made and cruelty free


When sized and worn properly, JAW Pullup Grips should be very snug like a sock, but they should not cause discomfort. If it is a struggle to fully open your hand while wearing your grips, they are too small. If there is an abundance of extra fabric that bunches up in your palm, they are too big.

Don't be shy with chalk. The more you use the less palm friction you will encounter.

Hand wash only. Keep in mind, though, the dirtier JAW Pullup Grips are the better they work!

Ensure to maintain (file or shave) your calluses to further minimize the risk of tearing.