Can you handle all of life's adversity? Because on the other side of pain, challenges, duress, and adversity is new life, it’s a universal law.

Life sends turbulence, negative emotions, deep and horrific challenges, streams of resistance from family, colleagues, yet I feel you can’t go wrong if you can endure! And not just the challenges you selectively choose to test yourself with, but the ones also that come unannounced unplanned for.

The great news is, endurance allows us to meet ourselves, enforces the ability for us to hang in longer, work a little harder, maintain relationships friendships, jobs, survival, competition, events and even life.

This book of endurance is a short read guide from a World ranked and World record holding endurance authority, to enable you to embrace and become aware of the innate resilient abilities you have uniquely within you.

Integrated powerfully with Whakatauki (Maori Proverbs) from the authors Indigenous NZ Culture, layering ancient wisdom, with modern day solutions, Endure is a potent handbook of support and suggestions for your life journey, wherever your journey may take you.

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