Dunk Mommy Sober Mommy - Victoria Vanstone

Tuesday February 14, 2023

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Victoria Vanstone is the host of Sober Awkward – A comedy podcast about two ex-party animals navigating parenting and socialising without their old buddy booze. She’s also an author and the CEO of www.cuppa.community, the free social network for the sober and sober curious. Victoria describes herself as an all-round professional party pooper. She was forced to address her drinking habit after having children in her mid 30’s and eventually, after suffering from hangover induced anxiety for years, decided to reach out and get therapy. Vic started writing about addiction and parenting on the day she gave up drinking and is passionate about helping others stuck in a pattern of normalised social binge drinking. Victoria is from the UK and now lives on the Sunshine Coast with her three uncontrollable children and a very patient husband. Victoria’s comedy memoir will be released in March 2024 published by Pantera Press.

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Book out March 2024. Watch this space!