Ange Harris

Wednesday February 01, 2023

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She's a personal trainer, a boxer, a runner and a human being (people often forget that last one). So far Ange has lived life like like she types - fast with a lot of mistakes.

What a sensational session, with Ange sharing the capacity and ability to shift everything in a moment. I believe everything comes back to love, your ability to give it and receive it. You can only be as tall as you can deep.

Jim Rohn was famous for saying, “You have two choices: You can make a living or you can design a life."

Here Ange gives us insights into her highest priorities, finishing on what gives her the "mental edge". The most important part of an athlete is the part of the above the shoulders, "you are what you think". So don't miss Ange sharing her incredible thoughts on mental performance.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Fate: loving the fearless
  • Embracing an attitude of making it ok to fail, have a crack
  • Goal setting

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