Don't just set goals, ACHIEVE them! NOW!

Tuesday January 03, 2023

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Sick of self defeating behaviours? Exhausted with the self sabotaging cycles? Frustrated with poor self image and belief dismantling your dreams?

“Success isn’t that difficult; it merely involves taking twenty steps in a singular direction. Most people take one step in twenty directions”

Goals are powerful because they give you the direction, clarity, and focus to thrive in life. Yet many people struggle to make consistent progress, follow through on their tasks, or reach any of their objectives despite their best effort. Often, there’s something deeper at root holding them back—mentally, emotionally, etc —stopping them from achieving their visions.

The goals they've set are not aligned with their VALUES, their highest priorities in life, the things MOST important to the individual. Our values are those deep down beliefs we hold about our purpose and our place in the world. Values might be considered the primary drivers behind our human experience they tell us who we are, our purpose, our identity. And when we live in alignment with them, we feel authentic and fulfilled. In order to make our values more manageable, first we need to identify them, then address them one by one. Then our goals become landmarks along the path as we navigate our way through life guided by our values.

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Join Jamie Milne to utilise Universal & Scientific laws, to go from where you are now to where you WANT to be!

YOU GET: - Full Values deconstruction - Full Goal setting session in alignment linked with Values - 2023 Standard of goal setting framework tools and resources to achieve your greatest visions

Tickets: $49.00 per person