Warren Alcock - Director at HALO SPORT Talent Representation Agency NZ

Wednesday May 04, 2022

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Warren Alcock is widely regarded as one of the most experienced sports lawyers in New Zealand. He’s one of the most influential figures in New Zealand rugby and has represented most of New Zealand’s top All Blacks and other elite athletes.

At 56 years young this remarkable and humble human decided to honour his late friend by undertaking the incredible feat of 1000 Pull Ups in 6 hours with very minimal lead up training! His challenge raised $6000 for the ‘Movember’ charity.

I had the privilege of being contacted by Warren in the lead up to his event to work with him and make sure he was game day ready mentally.

I wanted to chat with him post event to get his insight, wisdom and extra tips I could snag as I prepare to take on my own challenge of the 24hour Guinness World Record Pull up attempt.

Enjoy listening to this incredible man and his metaphors for sport, business and life.