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How Can I Help You?

There are many things that hypnosis can help you with, including;

  • Weight loss
  • Quit smoking
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Phobias
  • Confidence
  • Sleep Issues
  • Anger
  • Heartbreak


If you have something you want to work on but you’re not sure if hypnosis is appropriate, give me a call or send an email and I will tell you if I can help. We will also conduct a pressure, and obligation free 30 min Consult.

So what is Hypnosis?

When “hypnosis” is mentioned, most people tend to think of stage hypnosis. This  is the popular show during which a hypnotist chooses seemingly random people, sends them to sleep, and then makes them do hilarious (and kind of mean) tricks for laughs. As entertaining as stage hypnosis may be, it has little to do with hypnosis as a therapy.

Hyposis is an accepted form of therapy which helps people overcome various ailments via a relaxed mind and strategic suggestion.

People seek out hypnotherapists for a variety of reasons. These include getting help overcoming fears and phobias, weight loss, negative and traumatizing memories, insomnia, bad habits, smoking, drinking, etc etc.

Parents of children are finding that hypnotherapy has a positive and drug-free effect on their children.

“Hypnotherapy allows the child to gain a sense of control, increase self-esteem and competence, and reduce stress."

Paediatrics Child Health, Great Britain

A few other interesting facts:

  • The client is the expert of their own selves (the hypnotists are like guides to your unconscious mind, where you can find the tools, resources suggestions you already know and may need).
  • Hypnosis feels different to different people, and it’s impossible to be stuck in a trance
  • Hypnosis allows the brain to bypass the conscious part of the mind. It “turns off” the desire to ask questions or take note of surroundings. Instead, the brain gains hyperawareness, a state of being in control of one’s body and/or surroundings without consciously thinking about it.
  • A hypnotized person remains in complete control.

JMT FREE 30 min Hypnosis Consultation - limited time only!

So now you know what Hypnosis is, you might be curious as to the benefits it can offer you on the individual level, in your training, in your focus on life, and on giving you an edge on the things that matter to you.

I’m offering FREE 30 min Hypnosis consults for the next 21 days. One single 30 minute session per genuinely interested invididuals. This gives you an opportunity to road test hypnotherapy the JMT way - trusted, focused, 100% committed to helping you be the best person you can possibly be.