~ Amanda Wilson JMT F$&K Summer’s Coming Challenger and JMT Client fitness journey review.


Nine months ago, Amanda Wilson joined us and started her first JMT challenge, her transformation and attitude since then has been absolutely inspirational! Right now, Amanda is so very close to reaching a 20kg weight loss goal and we think that is F$&Ken INCREDIBLE! The long term results of being consistent with good habits truly speak for themselves. So what do we mean by good habits? What did Amanda have to do to make this amazing shift in her lifestyle?


Here’s her story:

For most of my life I had always made excuses and poor choices when it came to my health and fitness. Last year, I was severely depressed and making mistakes/poor choices. I could not concentrate and had no direction in life whatsoever! There were so many tears, I just wasn't coping. It wasn’t until I’d hit rock bottom that I reached out to a colleague who suggested that I look into Jamie Milne Training and gave me Coach Liz’s number. My colleague also suggested that I join the F$&k Summer’s Coming Challenge, as he was also doing it, and he was happy to help and support me. I had no idea at the time what a significant impact that this recommendation would have on my life.


I have learnt so much from Jamie Milne Training in a short amount of time of being a member there. Being a part of the JMT Challenges and the gym community has taught me some key strategies that I am happy to share. Firstly, the power of Accountability and owning my own shit, the work is something only I can do. Knowing this and having the support of people I can check in with has been an integral part of the positive changes for me. Secondly, I have learned to value Goal setting and how it gives direction and targets to strive for, helping me to maintain focus. And finally, the necessity of Discipline and creating routine and structure to put good habits into practise. 


In reflection with what I now know, I would offer these helpful suggestions if you are just starting out or trying to get back on track. 

  • Eat healthy choices less or NO processed foods 
  • Exercise/increase your heart rate everyday 
  • Join a gym / run club/ fitness group
  • Try all sports & indoor/outdoor and recreational activities just for fun.
  • Eat, sleep and repeat! Work hard and you will achieve amazing things!


These are things I wish I could have told my younger self if given the opportunity. I am telling you today, whilst extending the recommendation of JMT, like my colleague did for me at the start of the year. I am so glad that I took the leap and gave the Challenge a chance, because from taking that one step, I have found a place in a community of people who value fitness and wellbeing and I have made some amazing new friends from the experience. 


JMT has given me the confidence to really take hold of my health and fitness. Jamie’s ability to teach / educate and his extensive wealth of knowledge of health, fitness and the mind has helped me broaden my understanding of what I need for me to be the best version of myself and how to apply it consistently. ‘Inch by inch is a cinch’ Jamie’s wise words is my go to mantra.

Jamie Milne and his team of coaches rock! JMT caters to absolutely everyone, of all ability levels. The level of support from the team of coaches is amazing. Your workouts are structured to your abilities and you are supported whilst learning / training every day. Everyone at JMT is welcoming, supportive, encouraging, and friendly. The JMT community has the most amazing culture and family bond! I can’t speak highly enough of it and how being a part of this community has helped me achieve my goals. 


The next target I have set my sights on is to be fit enough to surf, particularly the big waves without any fear and I also want to repay the favour of helping others chase their dreams and support them in their own quest for health and fitness. It has been 9 months since I started my first JMT challenge. My whole world has been forever changed, I have almost lost a total of 20kilos and I am so so proud! The turnaround of how I feel about myself compared to before I started my journey is huge - It has absolutely been worth it! 


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Jamie MilneJamie Milne

Jamie is one of the Sunshine Coast's respected, leading strength and conditioning coaches, and a reputable results-based force in the field of psychotherapy and self-development.