{ What The Hell Is NLP? }
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Firstly let me start by mentioning in my opinion it is a greatly misunderstood area.
As the definition can change dependent on the person; if they're an athlete, business, personal development enthusiasts etc 
My definition of NLP is the 
Technology or pursuit of excellence and or achievement, modeling behaviour.
The reprogramming of your brain through language, and or other people’s brains.
Change the way we think, we can change the way we feel, and therefore our actions. 
There are lots of resources online, courses, from practitioner level, master practitioner level and so on, though like anything, there are quality resources and tools and there a slightly watered down versions. 
If you're looking to level up and study NLP, look no further then these guys, truly the best in the business, Juliet and Paul from Evolve and Relaunch Your Life. See when their courses are coming up here.
NLP was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder the founders who believed it was possible to identify the patterns of thoughts and behaviors of successful individuals and to teach them to others. Despite a lack of empirical evidence to support it, Bandler and Grinder published two books, The Structure of Magic I and II, and NLP took off. Its popularity was partly due to its versatility in addressing the many diverse issues that people face.
Neuro-linguistic programming is a way of changing someone’s thoughts and behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes for them. The popularity of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP has become widespread since it started in the 1970s. Its uses include treatment of phobias and anxiety disorders and improvement of workplace performance or personal happiness.
There are a lot of NLP practitioners who don’t directly give shout outs to the model 
Tony Ribbons coaching basic NLP 
Kerwin Rae 
NLP sometimes gets dumb down or either very complicated with big words etc. not attracting people to it.
To me it’s like music, a lot of people love musicians top 40 tracks but the best songs are the ones least heard and NLP is like that, there is gold in the less popular NLP techniques 
NLP Presuppositions
NLP presuppositions are an unbiased and compelling set of beliefs that one can incorporate into their lives.
Here is a few 
The map is not the territory 
how you see the world isn’t actually how the world is
We help people to enrich their map
Failure feedback 
As Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” If he’d given up after the first attempt we might still be in the dark!
Great things can take a while to get right – but if you give up because you tried a few times and then considered all the effort a failure, then you really have failed.
Ever heard the phrase ‘there is no failure, only feedback’? It’s one of those gems worth remembering because it means exactly that
Modalities in NLP refers to our internal representations, which relate to the five senses (Visual, Auditory Kinaesthetic, Olfactory, and Gustatory) plus our internal dialogue. In using Modalities you can change internal representations to alter behaviours.
Change what you see gear the colour etc you can change how you experience things 
Anchors for changing states
Turning sensory experiences into triggers for certain emotional states
Explain boxing analogy 
Well formed outcomes
What do you want? Must be about what they want not what you don’t want 
Positive senses ecological under their control specific 
In NLP we define rapport as a state of responsiveness. Responsiveness means the person or people you are interacting with consciously and unconsciously respond to you and you therefore have the lead in the communication.
Swish pattern: Changing patterns of behavior or thought to come to a desired instead of an undesired outcome, and or limiting beliefs.
The meta-model in NLP or neuro-linguistic programming (or meta-model of therapy) is a set of questions designed to specify information, challenge and expand the limits to a person's model of the world. It responds to the distortions, generalizations, and deletions in the speaker's language. Used to challenge beliefs, and to Enrich their model of the world 
Milton H Erickson 
Milton  Erickson was an American psychiatrist and psychologist specializing in medical hypnosis and family therapy, born 1908 and died 1980
Lot of it is abstract & a lot of time opposite to meta, Milton mode is artfully different.

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