The Power of Music

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Sometimes I need The Lyrics!


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So, what is behind the power of music?

What makes it so undeniably irresistible to the gates of the soul?


Listening to music that was often played during a significant life event is an anchor, or a “trigger, for such things as a family celebration, or perhaps a breakup that may leave some prints.

It can trigger a deeply nostalgic emotional experience, and a musical scar.

The feeling is not the music but the experience it reminds us of.

Grabbing your past and bringing it into the now.

Ever trained before and YOUR Beat dropped?

 This is also relevant to lyrics associated with a song.

Perhaps music reinforces what we long to remember.


Steven Pinker, a cognitive psychologist, likes to label music as an “auditory cheesecake”. This means that music is a cocktail of recreational drugs that we absorb through the ear to trigger multiple pleasure circuits at once, that we feel, see and makes us move!


Like other rewards such as food and money, pleasurable music activates the pleasure and reward system.


The bottom line is that just like we need food, water, sex, and BCAA when we’re hungry, horny & needing hydration. Music is needed to satisfy our soul, ignite a fire in our belly, motivate us, or encourage us to spring a leak and cry.


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