The Ageing Athlete

“Age group athletes are the future of CrossFit. They are the young athletes that will soon dominate our sport and the old people that every single one of us will one day turn into” Annie Sakamoto


As the majority of the competitive CrossFit community of 10+ years flaps and flops about trying to make sense of all of the changes in CrossFit, there is no shadow of doubt that the Sport of Fitness is alive, adapting, evolving and catering for us all.

Change is never easy for creatures of habit, and fitness enthusiasts are no exception.

With a rapid rise in fitness levels over the last few years, Masters athletes have loudly stated their case to stay involved and get more involved. #actionsspeaklouderthanwords


At its core, CrossFit was developed as an exercise methodology intended to shift the sickness/fitness/wellness continuum in a positive direction. I learnt this in 2009 when I did my level one Cert in Brisbane, only the second course to run in Australia. And it’s intention was to starve off the nursing home by remaining physically functional heading into life’s golden years.


I honestly owe a debt to the CrossFit model for changing my life, keeping me fit and able well into my 40’s. Having been in the sport for 15 years and competed at extremely high levels, from the Regionals in Sydney as an individual, the Middle East, NZ & the UK, I still bear witness to the rapid development of the sport.

I’m seeing athletes of all ages push the limits of human potential, and I would argue that the “Sport of Fitness” serves solely to prove the efficacy of CrossFit as a methodology to this day.


As I start to plan the year of programming for our JMT Masters ( 35+ ), I often reflect on my experience with CrossFit and can’t help but think that this is the way Glassman dreamed it.


The programming will be extremely well designed, and I’m super enthusiastic about diving deep into the world of catering to the ageing athlete.

It is challenging enough to test the highest level of a person yet simple enough that it allows people to display their capacity.


Nothing is off limits! There will be high skill movements and all the intelligence of quality strength training. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, no whacky shit!


This is designed for our JMT Masters, ONLY THE COMMITTED ONES.

It is a genuine celebration of fitness, a rebirth as though they have sipped from the reservoir of youth and will reverse middle age.

It is for the mums and dads of us “And granddads” who are the deadset superheroes to their children. The handstand push up walking Fucken Warriors that have battled cancer, eating disorders, addiction, poverty, NO INTERNET in the 80’s and 90’s and shit house fashion sense.


Tuesday the 19th April. JMT Masters will be born, come hang with me then!

Jamie MilneJamie Milne

Jamie is one of the Sunshine Coast's respected, leading strength and conditioning coaches, and a reputable results-based force in the field of psychotherapy and self-development.