How to OVERCOME the 8 biggest diet problems

How to OVERCOME the 8 biggest diet problems.


BECAUSE Many coaches, diet programs, nutrition challenges don’t focus enough on solving the REAL food problems that prevent people from making progress. Nor do they help people build the fundamental skills they need to sustain any changes they make.


THE BIG 8, and our solution based 6 Week approach –


Problem One - Emotional Stress Eating

Problem Two - Lack of planning, “not enough time”

Problem Three - I don’t Eat enough / I eat too quickly

Problem Four - Lost, no goals, no events, no direction

Problem Five - I have a serious sweet tooth

Problem Six - Eating Out a lot

Problem Seven - Over Eat, portions are too large

Problem Eight - I drink too much


We can help YOU build nutrition and lifestyle habits that improve YOUR physical and mental health, bolster YOUR immunity, & help YOU better manage stress, and get sustainable results.


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Jamie MilneJamie Milne

Jamie is one of the Sunshine Coast's respected, leading strength and conditioning coaches, and a reputable results-based force in the field of psychotherapy and self-development.