F~ Focus

O~ On / One

C~ Course

U~ Until

S ~ Successful


“I orea te tuatara, ka puta ki waho”

“When poked with a stick, the tuatara will emerge”

( a problem solved by continuing to find solutions )


Where you put your attention, is where you will put your energy, AND THAT, is what you will experience.

The focus of your intent will become real in your life and it will monopolise your mind.

Focus on pain, and guess what, you will have more of it. Focus on debt and scarcity, guess what!? I know you got it!


If I could share one tip with anyone wanting to improve their life and feel better about themselves, it would be to recognise the immense power of the Reticular Activating System (the RAS).

In our Mental Performance area of JMT, The JMT Mind Gym, we will often share this innate weapon with those intent on changing direction, chasing dreams and goals, and looking to level up in general.

Through understanding this part of the brain and harnessing its effects, I believe I’ve enhanced the quality of my life and I feel more contentment on a daily basis as a result, and strengthened/sharpened my resilience sword.

Because once we understand what it is and how it can shape our life, it seems like the simplest thing to implement. The best part, all it requires is that you become a bit more deliberate about how you observe, and focus on what is all around you. That’s it!


After awakening to its power and experiencing its effects, I’ve become almost enthusiastically evangelical in trying to get others to wake up to its power.


I continue to encourage my eldest son to practice putting all his attention and therefore all his energy into what it is he actually wants. He is a young up and coming CrossFit Rockstar and god knows in the sport you need all the support you can get.

Couple a clear intent and vision with some positive drive and emotion, like gratitude and love, and it’s almost a given you will get much closer to what you are wanting to experience. When he remembers to apply what I have suggested, I have no doubt that he will reap the benefit too.


NOW, I’m no Neuroscientist, though, The Reticular Activating System (RAS) as I understand is a small part of the brain that filters the things we notice via our senses. It acts as a gatekeeper for the things detected by our senses and filters, alters, generalises and deletes the things we actually take notice of. Usually, those that are synergistic with what we’re already aware-of and focusing upon.

You may have experienced it if, for example you have bought a new car; with that experience and your precious new possession fresh in your mind, you suddenly notice numerous other cars of the same make and model all around you. It’s not that sales have rocketed as a result of your purchase, but rather they were there all along. Your Reticular Activating System is now filtering out all the inputs it detects that relate to your chosen whip since it’s at the forefront of your mind, fresh from the new purchase.

Ahhhhhh the new car focussed feels!


If we look around us and we interpret what we see as a world of beauty, positivity, possibility and abundance, then that will trigger positive and optimistic feelings.

If we see a world monopolised by ugliness, shit fights, selfishness, scarcity and general cluster fucks, then that will prompt pessimism and encourage more of that into your world. This is truly powerful!!!


I believe the Reticular Activation System plays a major role and influence in how we think and feel in life. If you want a more effective, and efficient journey through life, and make the process more palatable to endure, take steps to harness your RAS power.

It doesn’t take much and you can do it right now.

Consider and listen to your internal reactions to the things you notice when you look around you: When you look in the mirror, do you see and react to all your frailties and flaws or do you recognise the beauty and the brilliance in your bits and pieces?

When you encounter random people in the street, do you fixate on their faults and imagined misdemeanours, or do you try to see the positives in them and the want to get to know them better?

When you look at your bank balance do you immediately lament that there aren’t more zeroes on it, or are you grateful for the money that’s there, even if it’s only enough to meet your next bill-payment?


We all have the power to observe focus our thoughts and to train our emotional responses to them.

The power of the Reticular Activating System is way more significant than can be covered in this Blog. The possibilities offered by harnessing its power and embracing it are virtually limitless and will last for a lifetime.


I heartily encourage you to get very clear where you want to put your attention, where you place your energy and tune into your Reticular Activating System and tap into the amazing benefits it can bring to you.

Jamie MilneJamie Milne

Jamie is one of the Sunshine Coast's respected, leading strength and conditioning coaches, and a reputable results-based force in the field of psychotherapy and self-development.