Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End

Today I look back at a career in the fitness industry spanning 17 years. Where did that time go?


I gaze back with a truly warm appreciation to the thousands of people I’ve shared time with, worked with, and to be fair, I find myself becoming slightly overwhelmed with the enormity of feelings that bubble up.

Wow, where did that time go? 


I’ve come to believe during my journey that the fitness industry is a necessity, yet in my experience it’s often referred to as luxury. Yet the rawness of movement, exercise, commitment, connection, unity, & transformation is the vital element for the process of a human, and the fundamental strength and resilience of our soul, and I’m beyond thankful to have been part of that.


In an industry with many confused, de-focussed fitness professionals, the abundance of box tickers, and a cluster of a cookie cutter culture, there is also true greatness to be experienced. I’ve found that the average trainer will tell people what to do, as they punch the clock. The semi decent trainer may take generous time to explain what to do, as they clock watch. A great trainer will communicate well and demonstrate what to do and be partially present with you. Then there is the rare and somewhat unique trainer, who is in the industry to serve, to be a vessel for others to make those powerful shifts, and lifelong transformations. These are the ones that INSPIRE and change lives forever. When you work with these people your life is never the same. 

I sincerely hope, as I remember fondly the faces of my professional past, and my occupational history, I inspired those I touched.


The fitness industry changed my life, I started as a young veteran, an alcoholic, lost, confused, angry, resentful, self-centred, and looking for a way to express a bubbling rage. I was 26, I was known and renown for being “Too fucken much” over the top, full on, yet 17 years down the track, at 43 I find myself sober, focussed with clarity of vision, calm, empathetic, happy, compassionate, patient, and looking for a way to share my love & wisdom with many others. This is a direct by-product, and influence of those I’ve worked with and shared time with, through sweat, early mornings, tears, and long dark nights of the soul. And again, I thank you all. 


Wow where has this time gone?


One of the most potent and powerful lessons I’ve learned, and I wish to share with you now, because if you have read this far you earned it. In my early career I worked tirelessly to change others, to help plug all the holes in their boat, fix everything, be everything for everyone, all of the time, and to my understanding that’s how the fitness industry worked. Be all these things for everyone, do my best to change others, whilst denying and avoiding the holes in my boat, that had sprung leaks, and continued to take on water my whole career. And now with close to two decades of wisdom, and an experienced dedication to serving others I realise I had the cart before the horse. I had It all backwards. 


I’ve learnt that if you want to change others, change your community, change your state, country, or world, change your damn self first. SELF then OTHERS, not the other way round. As once self is healed, deconstructed, put back together, you become the best version of yourself, and in turn can directly support others. I have witnessed many people do the same, let’s fix others, before fixing self. Ghandi was famous for saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I feel he was right.


So as this chapter of my life story slowly comes to an end it is safe to say the culture of our brand, ethos, and mission of JMT is in the very best hands. The team at JMT now is the direct reflection of 7 years of facility growth. They are leaders in their field, and in the industry for the integral reason of inspiring others to change, to true transformation and to cultivate and implement our culture with precision.


Whilst I have begun a career pivot to the Mental Performance world, and Success Coaching of our JMT Mind Gym, I remain sharing the helm of the good ship HMAS JMT with my son Josh, and Super Coach Manager Lightning Bolt Lizzy. I am also beyond excited to share that we have the growth of our little one ship Navy, to a small expanding fleet of JMT Facility frigates.


JMT Agnes waters opens in 18 months with a franchise heading north to the growing town of 1770, and the boutique personal training facility JMT Maroochydore blessing our Sunshine Coast in the next 12 months. Here you will experience and enjoy the Business class of fitness and the first-class strength and conditioning journey. Watch this space!


Kia Kaha Kia Maia Kia Manawanui

Be Strong Be Brave Be Steadfast.

Jamie MilneJamie Milne

Jamie is one of the Sunshine Coast's respected, leading strength and conditioning coaches, and a reputable results-based force in the field of psychotherapy and self-development.