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No matter how strong the intention to exercise, and no matter how heavy the burden of guilt, we continue to wipe away the crumbs from amoral gluten free convenience food. Banana bread, berry frainds, spinach and feta muffins, and Lo Carb protein bars.
We still just can’t seem to get our shit together.
How do I know? Because I struggle with the same issues, there just isn’t the 36 hours we need in a 24 hour day. We are too busy for healthy food, and too flat out with work for exercise!
We flip a mental coin when faced with the decision, one more hour of work? or maybe ill have a quick scroll through Facebook while I’m trying to put my shoes on, go to the bathroom, make a cup of coffee, finish sending my emails etc Instead of heading to the gym, or into the outdoors.
This comment on ………… Old mates post is far more worthy of my time.
As with many things most of us understand and would agree, healthy nurturing and nourishing foods for our bodies is important.
We have also convinced ourselves that exercising regularly and being active is just good old common sense? Its just the crucial issue and mistake WE ALL MAKE is we don’t execute common practise.
It is however POSSIBLE to be BUSY, a PARENT, A MANAGER, A BUSINESS OWNER,  a majorly obsessed full time EMPLOYEE with Australias leading BLUE COLLAR WORK ETHIC, and still be healthy.
Heres how.
Chop veggies, salad mix, and saute your protein of choice.
Make some dressing, add some fats (Nuts, avocado etc) assembling during the week into containers will take 5 min
You may have to still spend a little time in the kitchen, or you can order pre made healthy meals from companies such as
You Foodz
Muscle Meals
Or get your organic products delivered from companies on the Coast such as Good harvest.
You could even consider paying a friend to prep and sort your meals.
Did anyone read the word scooby and say it like the TV series Scooby Doo?
“Shaaaaaagy have you seen my Scooby Snaaaaacks”
Schedules change and delays are always enavitable.
Having a healthier snack supply on hand is great option
-Trail mix
-Dreid fruit
-Paleo bar
-Mixed nuts (Don’t go nuts on the mixed nuts)
Yes morning training can be tough, and hitting the snooze button 8000 times feels so much better. But GET THE FUCK up! And get out of bed earlier. We are adults we can do it, we don’t have maths, assembly and form class first up, and your breakfast isn’t waiting for us on the table “Thanks Mum”
Chances are you will miss being active all together if you don’t get up earlier.
It is sooooo much easier to go straight home earlier after work at the end of your day then train in the morning.
But wait……. we could reschedule for Wednesday morning, which more then likely will become Thursday morning, which turns out to maybe be a long run on Saturday in Wednesdays absence, which becomes ah fuck it ill give it a nudge on Monday, start fresh next week, which just doesn’t end up feasible.
 Then we hate ourselves, take it out on everyone we know, and eat more shit! Cancel 3 gym memberships Instead of doing the top three points above ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Just GET THE FUCK OUT OF BED EARLIER, then none of this will happen.
The average member of my gym sits for majority of their day. Add computers at work, Add sitting down for meals, TV, transport, toilet stops etc, 70% of the day we are on our arse.
Consider walking it out.
Run some errands, take the stairs, stand at your desk, have walking meetings outside (This is the best) park further from your destination. IT ALL ADDS UP.
  • Finally here are some obvious stress less, health more, wellness variations discharged for your blog reading convenience.
  • Stay hydrated 8 glasses water minimum a day
  • Meditate when you wake
  • Turn off the tech before you sleep
  • Have regular breaks
  • Minimise drugs, Minimise alcohol, GET HIGH ON LIFE! Look for the “Life Dealer” there are healthier ways to LIVE LARGE!


Stop being busy; be busy just being 

<=By Jacinta Lis MMFM Event Manager=>

I have made a conscious decision to slow my life down. To make more time to do the things that make me happy and bring light to my soul …. Sounds awfully self indulgent doesn’t it?

But ask yourself this, how often do you catch yourself saying ‘I’d love to be doing that but I just don’t have the time right now’ or ‘I’ll get to it later.’ We’ve become a fast paced, no nonsense society that is continously hustling to tick boxes off the ever growing checklist and where taking time out for ourselves is becoming a rare and precious commodity.

Time itself is a luxury of which so many of us seek but these days can rarely afford. We work harder, faster and longer than we ever have before. Yet for most, our hearts are pleading with us to slow down, get back to basics or to lead a simpler way of life. Unfortunately it’s a luxury we can’t all afford, and often we leave it too late to realise that we had taken the important things we had for granted.

For me this pursuit for time has come at a price. I have given up my job, moved back in with my parents and basically given myself the grown up version of a ‘time out’ from my life. Like a disobedient child I was reluctant at first, having my little spats, fighting it and resisting the change. It wasn’t pretty. After much coaxing and a 3 day bender of pj’s, popcorn and dvds, I began to come to terms with my transition. The process of slowing down is far from instinctive and not always as simple as it sounds.

Thankfully for me the people who love me encouraged me to stop, relax and breathe. Just breathe. The decision for transformation didn’t just happen overnight, there were many sleepless nights, tearful phone calls and a series of events that were pointing out to me the truths that I didnt want to acknowledge. As I would lay in the dark each morning trying to motivate myself to be positive about starting my day, reassuring myself it’ll be alright ‘once I get going’, from my inner depths a little voice would point out unequivocally ‘Yes you will be ok, but you’re not happy.’ I tried to silence it, ignore it and keep myself busy to try and distract from those little words that were haunting me from the depths.

But the thing is when you don’t listen to your authentic self your inner voice will only give you so many warnings, then its starts to fight dirty. Ignoring your insitincts often leads to fatigue, illness and in my case depression and anxiety. I have been down that dark road before and the signs of its return were becoming too frequent and severe to ignore. I had to make a decision. Do I stay in my present life that provides me with stability, pays the bills and gives me the comfort of routine and familiarity? Or do I take a risk, leap out of my comfort zone into the unknown, opening myself up to the possibilities of failure and uncertainty?

The first option made me feel sick with defeat, the second also made me feel sick, but there was a second wind of excitement that followed. So I am giving in. For the first time in a long time I am experiencing a new form of freedom. It both terrifies and excites me. There is nothing holding me down or holding me back and it is surreal. My life is in a state of transitional buoyancy. I don’t have all the answers yet, and quite frankly I am in no rush to. That’s the thing about my new pursuit, I am throwing out the ‘shoulds’ and replacing them with how does this serve me right now? Is it right for me? I encourage you to do the same.

I am not saying to do anything drastic like quit your job or move back in with your olds; but the next time you catch yourself questioning the pace of your life ask yourself this, are you truly happy? And when was the last time you were busy just being? Is your life filling you up so that you are brimming with light or is it time to make a change?



It is not your typical Sunshine Coast morning out there today, with the backlash from Cyclone Debbie coming through its blowing a gale and pouring with rain. As I sit dry and sheltered drinking my bullet proof coffee (if you have not tried adding butter, ghee or coconut oil to you coffee, do it!) it got me thinking about gratitude, there are many times in life when we could focus on the things we don’t have but what about all the stuff we do have? Well, my guess is if you sat down and really thought about what honestly matters to you, your ‘I have’ list would out weigh your ‘I don’t have’ list, and if it does not then what are you doing about this? Last weekend I listened to an interview with Gary V (entrepreneur extraordinaire) and out of the entire 1 hour 45 mins the main thing that has played on my mind was the moment he pointed out that he is grateful and that gratitude has played a major role in his success, how awesome is that! On this note I challenge everyone to join me for the month of April in 30 days of gratitude, find something each day you are genuinely grateful for, even on the days when you struggle there is always something good to be taken from each day.

However, expanding on this, having gratitude is just the beginning, if you want to turn a dream into a goal then you need to take action! Lots of action! A number of you will have heard the saying ‘Choice, chance, change’ well this is where ‘Triple-C’ of my business name, Triple-C Fitness and Training’ originated from. Making the choice to pursue something important is the first big step and often it comes with risks, but then life is a rollercoaster so why not make it the most daring, exciting roller coaster ride you can. But, the change only comes about if you put in the work and the bigger that goal the more tunnel-visioned you need to be. Don’t fear failure, the majority (if not all) of the most successful people in this world have ‘failed’ (I am not a fan of this word!) along the way, it is part of the journey, it is where most learning happens. Go get it!

I guess I should move on to some running talk, not much running happening with the weather this morning! Have you ever asked WHY you run? We all have our own reasons; a big one for me is the pure feeling of freedom and being at ease. As much as I enjoy to train hard and feel it burn, there are just those runs, easy going, steady and relaxed that make you stand back and go, yes, that is why I run. Yep, I had one of those runs this week and it was awesome! My recipe for this = beautiful weather + beautiful location + beautiful friend.

Do you remember when you first started to run? Or maybe you are just at the beginning now? It all seems quite hard work and I commonly hear ‘I hate running’ from people who are just starting out (by the way when you say this to me, its like hearing the worst profanities you can imagine) and I wont lie it is hard work but then so are a lot of things! And then once this gets easier keeping yourself running injury free and progressing your performance can be even harder. I will continue to drum this into everyone – strength and mobility training is the key no matter what stage of your running adventures you are at! You need to make your body strong in order to move and perform at its best and you then need to help it recover, the actual running is just half the story.

Just before I sign off here are my recommendations to help you with your recovery:

  • Good Nutrition, more good nutrition and then more again!
  • Quality sleep
  • Mobility – how do you expect your body to move well if it is all bound up, running like a robot is not a good look and after all life is all about looking ‘cool’




The Long Game:
I’ve done a lot of study on movement. Like for reals…. I’m definitely standing on the shoulders of giants, but man: the human body, it’s design and it’s capabilities absolutely fascinate me.
I literally think I have an obsession. When I see a well working human machine it just revs the engine. I know, it’s weird, but hey we all have our things…

Because I have such a huge interest in the body, and especially into bodies that have some kind of “missing link” to being complete or “optimal”, I really enjoy understanding into depth just how unbelievably complex we are!

Like for instance.. did you know we are made up mainly of 90% bacteria that is in a symbiotic relationship with us!?! As in 90% of what we think makes up us, isn’t actually us at all!! WHAT?!? That’s baffling when you really think of it… like 90 cents of your dollar doesn’t belong to you…that’s freakin NUTS!

Sorry, got a bit excited there…. anyways…
the simple point I’m throwing out there is that we are infinitely fascinating and infinitely complex, and it has taken billions of years (depending on what you believe) for our bodies to have evolved into the ultimate physiological conscious, cognitive machines that we are so lucky to inhabit today.

So it always makes me wonder why so many humans are under the notion that by creating a small change within a fraction of a fraction of their tiny lives they will receive a life long result (ex: ok I’ve got 3 months to fit into this dress, then I’ll be happy and can call it a day).

It’s literally crazy. Possible? Sure, and maybe even important to get the ball rolling, but what’s the lasting outcome after that? One can only pray that along that 12 week journey as in the example above, they realise it’s about much more than fitting into a dress. Much, much more.

What on this planet has come into our mind where we decide that after the last 5 to 10 perhaps even 30 years of living a certain way, we are going to unsustainably and radically alter just a few choices for a certain amount of a time period, achieve certain results and then just go back into the habits we had in the first place?

Yeah, I had to re-read that myself. You laugh, because it is a ridiculous question, yet it is exactly what most people think is the standard to being a happy, fulfilled and healthy human being.

We are feeding ourselves an external lie. We have all been caught up in this short game.

To achieve real results on some real levels that last a lifetime, we have to transition from the short game mentality, into the long game approach.

If you desire change, then yes, you need to transition into change in the way that works best for you. And never look back! Yo-yo loops that people get caught up in only happen because they didn’t really want to become the change in the first place. Change means forever. It is your way of being. No fads, no challenges, no next big thing. Those are just tools. Use them, but do not think they are the answer. They are just a part of your awesome-ness journey. Change happens when you decide that this is something you want for the rest of your life. Which means you have your whole life to master it. So what’s the damn rush?! Stop attaching to the results and start living in a way that makes you feel happy, healthy and strong NOW and FOREVER! Yes, right now (because now IS forever!- whaaaaaaat?!).

Brain-splosion? That’s cool. It happens. Keep going.

Don’t know where to start?! Just ASK! Seriously. It’s that easy these days. Just find a group that sparks your interest and post the question. There is a plethora (a cornucopia even?) of beautiful people in this world who want to see you achieve everything you want. The are wanting, waiting and even wishing to give out some of the best answers they have come to discover in this world!

But at the end of the day they will not do it for you.. ever. It’s gotta be you and it’s gotta be all the time. So where are you at? Focused on the short game? Or have your eyes set on the bigger picture. Get those wide angled lenses into focus and start making decisions that stop your sprinting pace from actually harming you in this marathon…. slow down, enjoy, learn, grow, embrace, hell cry a bit if you need to, it’s all there for you to take in when you shift out of the desire to achieve as fast as possible…. I think we all have a basic (at least physical) idea of what’s at the big finish line anyway. 🙂

Much Love Peeps.

Ready to shift into the long game approach? Schedule a FREE 30 Minute Consult to get some steam in that engine!




When you first in-list the services of a Doctor, Physio, Psychiatrist or even a Personal Trainer have you ever requested their resume? Or have you even politely hinted for a subtle glance at the killer Quals!

And upon confirmation of your first appointment do you scan the walls for the formed up line up of certificates, masters degrees and diplomas?

In some cases you may find these strewn across the jib board of their office in aged MDF timber frames, with the content on a slight tilt and  a school of cob webs to add to their legacy.

We naturally assume that those in the know are actually in the know, they have trudged through the required academic trenches to attain their required “Stuff”

But what if they haven’t, yet they still do an incredible job. Value is bought to your life, and what you sought assistance for was assisted!

Im so curious about this! This whole topic really makes me curious.

I regularly speak with a Mental Health Professional whom brings immense value and education to my life. Over the years i have NEVER once considered a request of transparency as it relates to academia.

Myself I have a mild academic/ tertiary background with lots of watery years under my industry  bridge.

But hold the fucken phone there is a relentless, non stop, never ending, unbroken and sustained HUNGER for further education, that does not get interrupted.

I listen to podcasts when i walk, Ted talks when i drive, i read 15 pages of a book every night before i sleep, The Tim Ferris Show when i train and i am a 100% self proclaimed self development slut!!!

Of which I would love to share with you  5 of my fav Ted Talks, so if you feel the unstoppable urge for free education, please view at your leisure.

Be confident that without even a teaspoon of doubt, those disinterested in Helath Fitness personal development you’ll love these for sure






<== THE WINNERS BIBLE==>“Don’t Let Distraction Fuck With Your Focus”


I firmly believe as i sit here slouched over my laptop typing with subtle Spotify cranking in the background riddled with adds  (Poor mans version). If it was not for my Winners Bible, without a shadow of doubt my  life would be very different now. And not for the better!

Permanently rewiring your brain and transforming your life using groundbreaking yet very simple tools, The Winners Bible is like a hybrid “Vision Board” on some pretty jacked up steroids.


A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.


And you can be the captain of your ship! Just like Moana in the kids movie. (Great movie just watched it on the weekend)

Many years ago, about 10 I think,  I read a book by DR Kerry Spackman  called the Winners Bible Dr Kerry Spackman customized for elite athletes, Olympic champions and business people  tools, tactics and strategies on how to “Rewire your Brain for Permanent Change”.

Having read the book, implemented the tools,  and created the Winners Bible a decade ago, i realise now with the luxury of hindsight, I was too distracted by life to focus on my dreams.

I lacked maturity, vision, and self driven focus to bring the fruits of DR Kerry Spackmans labours into my little shopping basket.

Fast forward almost 3650 days, life in 3 different countries and now owning my own gym, in walks good friend and leading Strength and Conditioning professional John Templeton

JT Presented an undaunted and bigger then life sell out seminar. This seminars timing was on song as we had just come skidding out of the Christmas period 2016, and most of us were in need of some electric soup to kick start the 2017 line up.

And there I was, Caramel sponge ready to mop up puddles, splashes, and run off from that pot of banging bone broth.

One of the core principles of the seminar funnily enough “The Winners Bible”

What a surprise!

10 years ago i believed, just focus on what you want, every now and then, wait for the signs, and HEY!! Abs, motorbike, and unlimited travel. Truth of the matter is, I now know we see and do what we want to see and do when we are ready to see and do it.


He challenged all attendees to establish our own Winners Bible, as I had done 10 years ago, and we were privileged to have insight into Johns own.

Listening to Johns seminar,  re-reading DR Kerry Spackmans book I was propelled to bring my Winners Bible to life again!

The enthusiasm and influence this has had on my life has been prompt.

Having my own mobile vision board basically,  with sayings, powerful pics, books to read and reference has worked me into a personal development lather.

Would i be so driven otherwise, possibly but more then likely not.

However thanks to DR Kerry Spackmans work 10 years ago, JT, and my own Winners Bible some of those fruits have been added to my 2017 shopping trolley.

1)- As per the pic I have qualified to represent Australia in the World O.C.R Championships in Canada this year.

2)- JMT has the perfect team providing  some of the best professional Strength and Conditioning services and quality service on the Coast ( I was creepy and took pics from their FB page and put them in my bible………and screen saver………….and bed side table…………..and ceiling………..(JOKING!)

3) Going to do a WIM HOFF workshop

4) And a few other things!

So I challenge you, if you’ve read this far purchase the book find out when Johns next seminar is, or just create your own Winners Bible from this template.

Go get the life you deserve! Are you ready to see, and do what you want?

Starve distraction! and feed your focus with this Winners Bible, stay hungry for the electric soup!












But I can assure you with these 6 workouts, taken from our JMT F$%K NEW YEARS RESOLUTION 8 WEEK ONLINE CHALLENGE, We surely can have a red hot crack!

This particular SOLD OUT Online challenge proved to pack a fair bit of HOT SAUCE when it came to the weekly workout prescription.

It left even the seasoned individual wondering what on GODS green earth stole all the oxygen from them, and then proceeded to heel kick them square in the pubic mullet! (Pronounced moooo-lay)

So without further a due step into our world, bring a friend, rope in your fittest counterpart, FACE IT, FIGHT THROUGH IT, AND FINISH IT


A] (15 min Time Cap) # Get as Far As You Can Through The Burpee Ladder record your result and post
* Complete 20 burpees and run 20 meters across a room.
* Then do 19 burpees and run 20 meters back across the room.
* Then complete 18 burpees etc etc
* Keep following this pattern until you are finished the entire 20-1 ladder.
As seen in this clip here at the 3 min mark, me and 4 Professional Golfers did this in preparation for running the length of NZ North Islnd in 2010
B] (45min Time Cap)
Barbell Thrusters @ 75%
Burpee Pull ups
15 Sec sprint 15 sec rest intervals Rounds (Run, Row, Bike)


Complete a 90 min hike in the most demanding terrain with 20kg (females) in your pack (Males) 30kg Stop every 10 min and complete

  • +10 Push ups
  • + 10 Squats
  • + 10 Lunges
  • + 10 Overhead presses with your pack


A] Complete 3.2km as fast as possible

B] Complete 50 reps of Shoulder Press in 5 min

C] Complete 5 Rounds of the following, then finish with another 3.2km Time Trial

  • 12 Pull ups
  • 24 Burpees
  • 36 Push ups
  • 48 Squats


A] Complete either of the following (With the intention of running, rowing, or cycling like your life depended on it!)

  • 42.195km Run
  • 30km Row
  • 100km Bike

B] Decide between either of the following 7 day commitments. You choose one! And perform daily. The same one all week.

  1. 100 Burpees a day
  2. 100 Push ups a day
  3. 100 Strict pull ups a day
  4. Only take cold showers everyday


Complete 6 rounds of the following

  • 200m sprint
  • 10 Kettlebell swings 32kg men 24kg woman
  • 10 Burpee box jumps
  • 10 Kettlebell swings 32kg men 24kg woman
  • 10 Burpee box jumps
  • 10 Kettlebell swings 32kg men 24kg woman
  • 10 Burpee box jumps
  • 200m Sprint
  • 5 Min rest-

The goal is to “Stand and Fight” between rounds, test your fitness level by testing your ability to recover.


A] 25 Min to find the heaviest deadlift possible

B] Complete 10 rounds of the following

  • 100m Sprint
  • 10 Bodyweight Deadlifts

C] 10 Min Max Calories on the C2 Rower or Airdyne!


  • Keep an eye out our new online page is launched end of this month.
  • 30 Day reset nutrition challenges “JMT HEALTHY HABITS NUTRTION CHALLENGE”
  • And our popular JMT RUNNING SEMINAR ALSO
  • You will be able to register your spot in advance as many of our Online challenges sell out.






Confucius was known to have said “Life is really simple, however we insist on making it complicated”
And such is training!
Once again on my ever evolving journey as a Strength and Conditioning Coach this was highlighted to me when good friend and N.Z Muay Thai Coach Ben Ahipene visited our humble training establishment recently.
Upon viewing a small part of our Saturday 0430 training session with the JMT Fighters Ben simply said “Awesome brother! Low Tech, High Effect Training Cuzzy, Love it”
It reiterates to me that you can train with little or nothing and achieve incredible results, have fun, and get the desired outcome.
What development of an individual often boils down to is
 Work ethic
 Basics
 Rapport + Trust
 Community
 Coach-ability
“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann
I have trained world class athletes, professional athletes, mums of 4, chippys, fighters, sports teams and all thats in between LITERALLY!
And I can assure without a shadow of doubt successful training does not require a fancy facility or equipment.
A large handful of our gyms elite were brutally crushed into the ground and humbled by the subtle 4 x 4 tyre, chain, and weight belt drag as seen in this video.
There were no big screen T.V’s, there was no flashing lights and the tyres were not endorsed by “………….” Or purchased online via 12 easy payments of “……………”
It is possible to succeed with almost anything, including nothing.
A generous portion of the beautiful Sunshine Coast community have had magnificent life long change within our JMT 4 walls. Their success was not based on equipment, cost, or the latest system of fad.
Their development was largely based on “Low Tech-High Effect Training”
And a good old sparkle of the following
 Work ethic
 Basics
 Rapport + Trust
 Community
 Coach-ability
It reaffirms to me we don’t need complex systems, over-priced equipment “endorsed” bullshit branded gear to produce results. 20kg weighs 20kg however you want to dress it up.
These variables will ALWAYS be effective in the long run, as long term results require long term focus.





It is almost impossible to reap the full benefit of your hard labours/ training, and nutritional choices without consistency.

As John C. Maxwell quotes “Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly over time”

In the photo above are just are some of the faces of consistency in our gym community.

These people are a part representation of what life looks like with constant progress, patient development and a honoured commitment to their consistent journey.

When a tree is bought to the earth, its done in a serious of intentional, subtle, yet precise small blows.

The arborists consistently and specifically chip away, they never take random shots, hoping for the slight possibility the giant redwood may fall.

As the builder lays his foundation deep in the ground,  for the showroom home he promised his wife.

He DIDNT start at the roof and try and lay blocks from the top down randomly.

I love the reference made by a professional fighter I knew “F%$K the works not done tonight bro, this shit was done 3 months ago, all I had to do tonight was fu$%ken turn up!”

Legitimate “for keeps” gains take time, its so fucken important that we remain both patient and constant in our pursuit for our dream result.

When I present seminars wither it be for Running, Kids, or Goal Setting I often share the purpose of the 3 P”s

  1. Patience
  2. Positivity
  3. Perseverance

These 3 little golden nuggets are the greatest measure of being consistent with your consistency.

Cant stay the course as they say in the Military, then bottle up the 3 P’s and sprinkle that around generously on your own self!

Consistency can co-exist in your life, it can be part of your training and lifestyle decisions. Subtle variables in training, food, workout environment can help you “Stay the Course”

Be consistent this year!

2017 Will be the year of progress not perfection.

Be consistent with your consistency!


Can I ask you a couple of questions? Won’t take long.

Have you started 2017 with the intention of putting your health as a priority? Resolutions set? Has the exercise wheel started to turn? Or is the mountain peak of  weightloss, shredded muscles and nutritional mastery to high to climb?

Or are you currently an absolute weapon? Fit as f$%, hungry, driven, focussed, and a deadlifting muscle Mary with lifestyle choices dialled in?
BUT! You find yourself looking for an edge, a secret, your always pushing the envelope, crushing your boundaries, but your chasing more.

If you answered yes to the above, I may have an answer for you…

However could I tell you a quick story first?

Well this month is the second anniversary of when myself and two friends broke a world record, January 2015 in Cairns Far North QLD.
Breaking a world record generally requires some boots and some grit, no matter what it is. The difficulty lies purely in the fact that its a World Record, its never going to be easy.
We performed 4267 Burpee broad jumps each, across a distance of 8.5km and over 22.5 hours. In Cairns. In January. On the Esplanade. To say it was HOT! would be the most magnificent understatement of 2015.
Checkout the FB page “The Burpee Ten Thousand” for credibility.
If your reading this, and you can sympathise with the movement pattern of a burpee, you could more then likely also relate to the dreaded Burpee broad jump, which is like a conventional burpee but on steroids.
I would go as far to say if you have had a crack at few burpee broad jumps, even 100m of them, 400m of them or dabbled in the odd burpee mile, contemplating doing 4267 reps would be about as fun as sticking pins in your eyes, smearing them with lemon juice, and snorting salt. This is actually how the Burpee Ten thousand felt at times.
Now if you asked me would I do this again? The answer would be simple.
You would have more chance of getting me to fly in the air.

So why was January 2015 different to now?
Back then was a period in my life where I was hungry, driven, time rich, and willing to hurt.
Intensity was my friend and spending time in physical pain caves was mercilious yet righteous, and I also had friends who were on the same journey.
Fast forward 2 years.
Its January 2017. Sunshine Coast. 2nd anniversary of “The Burpee Ten Thousand, and I’m a Gym Owner, trainer to over 100 members at JMT, loving life, living my passion purpose and wondering how do the “FIT” stay hungry, driven, and focussed, and how do the “UNFIT” do the same.
I have found myself reflecting on the different lanes we are all in, how do we stay there, how do we change lanes? And what are some processes and strategies?
Below is some suggestions, tools, and recommendations for those in their current lanes.
We have the new to fitness, the novice, the scared, self aware, timid, and uncommitted. Trust me even the fittest, fastest, strongest person you think you know was here, they just eventually changed lanes.
And of course the veteran, the weapon, the fit, devoted, confident and well muscled human, roaring down their side of the road in search of the open speed limit. How do I get faster, stronger and leaner.


1. Embody your journey. Be all about it. If you’re ready for change and you’ve flicked the switch, then do it! Make your reason for chasing health and fitness so so strong that when all the FB and Instagram MEMES lose their shine, your reason sprinkles a timely reminder to push on.

2. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Surround yourself with those on the same or similar journey to you. If your circle of friends and family aren’t going in the same direction, make them!
Burden shared is a burden halved. Be their inspiration, share some perspiration, and oooooooze motivation.

3. Know that this new lane is like that of a roller coast track, it will go up down, sideways and invert. This new lane, roller coaster ride is life. It changes direction temporarily.
Truth is that is part of the fun, the journey, the intrigue.
If your roller coaster just went in a nice straight path, no ups downs, dips and twists. it would be pretty damn boring. And you would most likely want a refund, or never ride again.
In simple terms, a slip up an ice cream, a greasy burger is not the end. Start again tomorrow and don’t give up.


1. Ask yourself before a workout “Today how much am I willing to hurt?” Commit to your commitment to train, honour it and get to work! If your feeling good, your on, you are in your ZONE! Pour the petrol on, rip your environment apart.
Because it won’t be pretty, it won’t be a spectator event, but man you will be EMPOWERED and unbreakable!

2. Simple tactics. At the point of exhaustion, for example when your at your 21st rep of a very crushing and demoralising deadlift, place the bar down, take 1-2 steps back re address the bar, and get back to work.
The amount of time I personally have taken with unneeded rest, popped the bar down, checked my phone, had a drink, re chalked my hands, hopped back on the bar, 45-60 sec would have passed. The moment for more intensity, more fitness had passed.
STAY IN YOUR LANE!!! Stay on the task at hand, and give your training session, your time, and the focus it deserves.
Watch your fitness soar!!!

3. Like the Burpee Ten Thousand. This was a saving grace.
At the point of absolute despair, exhaustion, and at the edge of your red line, you do 3 more reps NO MATTER WHAT.
Like your life literally depended on it. 3 More reps! Give it 3 more reps, into the acidic pits of your deepest sinew and lactic acid filled meat, 3 more glorious reps.