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My endeavour is to be a key person of influence for  Success Coaching clients. Enabling individuals to achieve their definition of Success.

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Let me give you an example.

Success Coaching with me follows three very powerful pillars.

1- PATIENCE- Achieved and supported through, breathing techniques, cold water therapy, accountability and goal setting strategies and systems

2- POSITIVITY- Health is paramount. No health, NO Nothing! Your Food is overhauled, sleep, stress, lifestyle choices and much more is adjusted in a supportive, systemised approach

3- PERSISTENCE Exercise, conditioning, strength and resilience is achieved in a very professional, personalised and powerful way.


Some clients want help overcoming burnout or plateaus, they may want help taking risks necessary to bring in more business, a lifestyle change, committing, changing their mindset, body composition.

I also support clients who already operate at very high levels!

As they adapt to overwhelming success I act almost as a solid sounding board, accountable, unbiased, and having their back!

Ill help you achieve goals that don’t always show up as monetary or career accomplishments.

Rather working with emotional change, professional development and emphasising ways to have better experiences of life.

For example, helping someone develop self-discipline so he or she can meet goals in general, discover deeper passions so he can feel more excitement about every area of life, everyday, every week month and year!

  • Success coaching with me is a process. As a process, it helps individuals both to define and achieve realistic goals faster and with greater ease than would otherwise be possible.
  • The success coaching process is educational in nature. Astute individuals hire coaches for their existing knowledge, skills, and expertise as well as their ability to create further knowledge.
  • The result of success coaching is greater monetary success, greater personal wealth.  Success coaching is about enhancing a person’s ability to increase his or her personal health and body composition  taking into account his or her available resources – including “time.”


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Training in the gym or running on the road is easy for most……if not now, then eventually

It’s the psychological aspects of training that most people have repeated struggle with. And the Godfather of this mental Mafia is  our own self-imposed limitations.

Self-imposed limitations are the minds own ball and bullshit chain that holds us down and prevents us from our potential.

When we consciously or even unconsciously set these limiting beliefs and boundaries on ourselves we dismantle the achievable.

Because in reality even if we are capable of exceeding the unthinkable benchmarks, our shitty vision of self image will never allow it. WE SELF SABOTAGE, And we are damn good at it as well

I do believe this wouldn’t be so much of an issue if people regularly set their limits high, but in my experience of the last decade of trading, we all set the bar way to low, and achieve it!

The rocks we cast onto our own path, and the lack of back up we give ourselves, or our abilities are directly proportional to our self image. The lower the self image, the lower the expectations we have of ourselves.

Until self image improves, until we actually believe we are capable of more, we will always continually underperform no matter what program or diet is followed.

Sometimes there is hope! Sometimes the people in your circle make the invisible VISIBLE!!!!!

So Surround yourself with people who are on your journey or MORE. Surround yourself with people who work as hard as you IF NOT harder. Hang with those with the same dedication if not additional.

Be with those who inspire you, and that you serve as inspiration too.

Featured in this blogs image is my very own man of motivation Mr Neil Collie.

From STROKE TO SUPERMAN, and with the spirit of the Sunny Coast in his veins.

Right now he is undertaking the multi day BIG RED RUN, a 250km Ultra Marathon through the Australian desert.

Neil reminds me almost daily,  that it  never helps to be the biggest fish in the smallest pond. Find those on the same journey as you, they motivate you, they will indirectly push you to become a better YOU.

You’ll be focused more on the ever evolving higher life purpose and less on your own limitations, and for that Mr Collie ill be forever grateful.

Regardless of how you overcome your limitations the key is to remember that doing so is an essential part of the process of life and improvement. These self-imposed limitations are the very thing that maybe holding you back – not actual limitations.

So Are you fulfilling your potential? Are you capable of more? Are you a self-limiter? Give it some thought. Chances are you could be better or do more. All of us can.



A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline – Kate Shipton PT & Coach JMT

Why is it, as a society, we spend so much of our lives doing what we think or we are told we ‘should’ do instead of living our lives doing the things we love to do? We grind away 9-5 for the best parts of our lives getting ready for retirement and often doing things that make us stressed or unhappy. When was it decided that this is the way it has to be? My read at the moment is a book called ‘The 4-hour work week’ by Tim Ferris, a book I have been looking at reading for some time now and I have to say it is not disappointing me. I am only half way through the book but here are a few of the main points I have taken away so far:

  • Take ‘mini-retirements’ throughout your life, take advantage of the most physically able years you have.

  • Don’t give in to fear, more often than not the consequences of ‘failure’ are no where near as bad as you imagine and actually provide the greatest learning curve.

  • Be productive not busy – always start your day getting the most important tasks done, often these are the most challenging but usually the ones that will ultimately lead you to your goal.

  • Eliminate interruptions – this includes, Facebook, emails and phone calls. Stay focused.

I will bring you an update later when I have finished the book, however, why are you taking my word for it go and get a copy and have a read. Start making those goals reality! 

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There have been plenty of mountains, trails and running over the last couple weeks, I have been lucky enough to be able to immerse myself in the outdoors. Lets start with this last weekend when my main role for the day was to go down and support many amazing runners at ‘The Wild Horse Criterium’ event. you may ask why i was not running, the answer is simple I realised this race was not one that was going to take me closer to my goals, its important to ‘stay in your own lane’ and keep that focus! Anyway back to the race, the day bought a mixture of highs and lows but what stole the morning was the solid display of friendship and team support when the going got tough, it was one of those real moving moments that just got me (yes i do have a soft side) and made me so proud to be surrounded by absolute champions. Our little running community rocks my world.

The last couple of weekends of our JMT Run RIOT course have been epic, with the pleasure of being able to hit two beautiful trails. Here are just a couple of snippets of where we have been training, we really do live in a beautiful corner of the world here.

It is just incredible how far people have progressed in just 4 weeks, everyones hard work is really starting to shine through! Having personally followed Jamie Milne’s ’12 weeks to an ultramarathon’ program to get me across the line of my first 100km ultra event last year i can give a personal thumbs up to this and the success of our RIOT course thus far is just another testimony to how powerful the principles of this training style really are. Be sure to make strength and interval training a core component of what you do. When I first opened myself up to this differing approach to my training, as opposed to just pounding out the km’s, it got me curious. So the scientist in me got straight to work finding all the information I could. It became evident that there is an astounding amount of research with very convincing results backing the fact that strength and interval training actually outperforms aerobic training in improving our overall conditioning. Not that I’m saying time on your feet is not important, it absolutely is and if you are like me then the freedom of the long runs are what it is all about, but what is also important to me to be able to continue to run right through into old age and for this you need a body made of steel.

Just a final note to summarise and put all of this together – set your goals, stay focused, find out all the information you can, learn from those who have ‘walked their talk’ and finally, surround yourself with people that inspire that goal to come alive.



Over the last week I’ve been constructing an impending “Goals Seminar” IT’S YOUR FUCKEN LIFE

I will present this to 100 people at JMT; we only have 70 tickets remaining, and someone will go home on the night with up to $2500

Besides the overwhelming eagerness and delirium to deliver its ZEAL, something dawned on me.

We are born, we do some stuff,  and then we fucken die!

Holy FUCK! Has anyone for any brief moment addressed the quality of their “Inner Circle” the friends we keep, the business we provide, the job we do, our current state of or our health or lack of?

Many of us live as though we have forever, like we’re Peter Pan, like we never have to concern ourselves with growing old, being unwell and frail, being stuck in a SHIT marriage.

Hell Life’s not going by THAT fast, SAID NO ONE EVER!

When did we lose the ability and  freedom to explore the possibility of a life without limits.

Think back to when you were a kid, what was it you wanted to be? Marine Biologist? Astronaut?

Superman, Supermodel?

As children we automatically act towards a pursuit of goals, immediately outside of what we can obtain instantly! Without even a consideration our dreams wouldn’t come true!

Fuck, I don’t know about you but I jumped off many a roof top, shitty beach towel sheathed around my neck, socks pulled up to my ears, and some old family members belt lassoed around my guts expecting to fly………..Just like Superman!

Seems to be the storyline of my life.

And then we do some stuff, and then we get old, and then life alters our perception of  our dreams.

If we are but some of the fortunate few who don’t check out early we may find ourselves sitting slumped in a plastic outdoor furniture chair covered in encrusted mould,  watching local ducks bounce along the waterway wishing we had a shot at being an astronaut again.

  • Oh SHIT! I didn’t even get close to using all my stuff! FUCK!
  • I assumed I had forever, I wasn’t going to die, be frail, be lonely FUCK!
  • I didn’t even ask the girl of my FUCKEN dreams to marry me FUCK!

And now here I am 85 sitting here wishing hoping praying that there is something more for me, more then ducks bouncing, jenga playing, sudoko Saturdays with my 90+ year old aged community!

See my opinion is that we avoid discomfort, and naturally so, discomfort hurts.

Telling your boss to stick his job up his arse and that his control freakish ways will no longer effect your life.

Getting your health back on track by going to the gym 3 times a week and jogging in the mornings, it hurts, your muscles hurt, theres discomfort.

Declining the afternoon boutique beer with friends, because you know you can’t stop at 2, and that if you indulge you’ll be singing along to Cold Chisels Kah San at 11pm.

Because this is embracing discomfort, this is making discomfort your playmate, your associate and your friend.

Thomas Jefferson stated in 1776 and I quote.

“Nothing Can Stop The Man With The Right Mental Attitude From Achieving His Goal:  And Nothing On Earth Can Help The Man with the wrong mental attitude”

In 2017 not much has changed!

So please don’t waste any more time, life goes by so so quick, I’m sure you would agree with me.

Nothing is for certain, and nothing is for keeps, write some stuff down, dream some big dreams!

Imagine your life without limits, without your own self limiting beliefs, allow yourself the chance to be the YOUNG you again, dirty old beach towel for a cape, socks pulled up etc, don’t put yourself in a shoe box and leap the fuck off the garage roof SUPERMAN!