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21 days


3 weeks and 4.5kg to gain!!!!!
Many run­ners have heard some­one say, “If you can do a half marathon, you can do a whole.” The thought process is that the ded­i­ca­tion level is the same the training is just a little different.. So…does this same logic apply to ultra marathons? If you can run 42.195km does that mean you can run an Ultra? I think it does.
But what about “Journey Running” my definition of multiple Ultras i.e 2080km in 18 days#80kadayman whats the difference here? 
Answer….. Getting fat, storing fuel, and preparing for the winter so to speak. 
10kg extra to be exact 75kg to 85kg. A very gruelling and unpleasant task. Leaving me feeling more body conscious, depressed, bloated, and a former version of my self, waking old demons and subconsciously leaving me feeling like a fat fraud………..jesus thats brutal. Would you fucken do it?
I understand these are first world problems, self inflicted for a cause, and some what self indulgent. I just felt an unrelenting urge to let people into the world of “Journey Running” and that the often considered difficulty of the training, is actually the easy part.
The fattening of the lamb is the real hard work, it is for my safety, health, and longevity, because its required for 2 marathons a day for 18 days. 
Mentally I need a warm bath and a brown paper bag to breath into because fuelling on all the things we preach avoidance to is FUCKEN savage!

For most of my life, I have participated in sports  (boxing) that required me to compete at specific weight classes. Gaining weight was never an option. On the contrary, I’ve spent a good part of my life trying to cut weight for competitions. Aside from heavyweight fighters, all combat athletes, jockeys, gymnasts etc can relate to the difficult and unpleasant task of losing weight for a weigh-in.

As I transitioned from athlete to trainer, I still found myself subconsciously trying to maintain my fighting weight. I didn’t want to creep too high, as I felt the need to stay in fighting shape. My philosophy as a trainer is that one must walk the walk. I always test the routines that I create.

For example you will never see a world-class marathon runner with a huge, muscular physique. The human body is an intelligent system. If you train conventionally for ultra-endurance, your body will do everything in its power to shed excess weight. Remember, the body will specifically adapt to the demands imposed upon it. From the 17th of September till the 3rd of October I will burn roughly 232 thousand calories just from running alone.

With three weeks remaining I am challenging the status quo, its harsh, remorseless and inhuman…….With 21 days to go I am another cheesy croissant away from the MMFM Graceland and the journey of 2080km.

This is just a very small glimpse into the world of “Journey running” and the long relentless road to Many Miles for Mary.


STAGPACK fundraiser

This Saturday 16th of April at 0700 we have the April #STAGPACK Challenge.

We highly encourage all members of JMT to attend, bring your friends, family and fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Wither you are an athlete or an athletic supporter we have something for you this Saturday.

A modest donation with an amount of your choice goes towards this years Many Miles for Mary (MMFM 2016) campaign.

In September Leigh and Jamie, owners and Coaches of JMT will run solo 120km a day for 19 days from Melbourne Victoria to the JMT facility on the Sunshine Coast 2080km yeooooow.

By attending this Saturday and make a subtle donation you help these lads, launch a powerful awareness and fundraising campaign for Alzheimer’s Australia and all those suffering from dementia.

In return for your time and energy this Saturday 0700-0900 we will provide the following workout, adjusted as well for all levels, and a delicious breakfast cooked by the lads.

See you Saturday team for a “Frogman’s Xmas”


  • 100 Strict Pull ups
  • 250 Push ups
  • 500 Sit ups
  • 5km Run