MMFM 2016 Journey has begun (16 Week program)




Seek a journey that will open your heart, open your mind and achieve something very special for somebody else.

Many Miles for Mary 2016.

Fast forward to September 17th 2016 Jamie and Leigh will take on a run through 3 Australian States, 2080km over an 18 day time frame.

Starting from the Odin Performance Centre in Melbourne’s Albert Park all the way to the J.M.T Facility in Warana on the Sunshine Coast.

The lads give their service, bodies, and time to a very worthy and very real cause. Alzheimer’s Australia.

It is very powerful to think that the MMFM campaign started EIGHT years ago with the wheels continuing to turn in memory of Jamie’s Nanny, Mary who passed away in the late 90’s to the soul destroying and memory thief “Alzheimers”.

In an attempt to capture your attention, your focus, support and generosity Leigh and Jamie invite you to please come along for the 16 week journey.

 The preparation of “LIFE” for these two guys just got a whole lot more demanding.

The event itself is a mere 18 days, however the forecasting, commitment, and time demands are 5-6 months.

Share this with us.

Both business owners of JMT Strength and Conditioning on the Sunshine Coast have agreed to allow a very intimate and transparent look at the “How” and the “why” of MMFM 2016.

  • QUESTION– Exercise, what does it actually take physically to do this? How does a grown man not lose his “Beach pump” biceps whilst training for such a massive event.
  • ANSWER– 5 Days a week we run, squat, and perform lots of push ups and pull ups
  • QUESTION– How do you run a business, juggle family, have life whilst training for this, and recover?
  • ANSWER – We eat clean, supplement well, and try and sleep more, stress less.

This seems great, achievable, and a very balanced approach, reality is life is one hell of a  roller coaster.

Ups, downs, troughs, massive highs and a few spew type moments.

Get a ticket, chuck that solid rubber seatbelt on and join us.

Facebook for training and nutrition updates-

Facebook for charity progress, media, general MMFM

Instagram and Snapchat for the jovial light hearted stuff JamieMilneTraining and jmtstagpack on Snapchat

Finally thank you! It is with immense grace, and gratitude that we embark and saddle up to go do our thing. Grateful for the opportunity to actually physically attempt to do this. That our two hearts beat, our muscles churn and burn and that our lungs scream and fill, so we can have a crack.

Arohanui to family and friends who with their own selfless selves get in behind the campaign, and back the boys.

Jacinta Lis the relentless and professional Event Planner we love yah!!! thank you.

Josh Jones from Odin, we love Yah man, #JBN project all day everyday killing it for the good!!!!

We are actively seeking sponsors and media support, if anyone has leads, knows anyone please let us know

Donation website is here




Stash Hounds Story (Guest Blog by JMT Intern Josh Milne

Stash story


“ Always do more of which you’re paid for “.

I look at this as something I wish to accept as part of my lifestyle, to help build a community for doing more then the average. One of the biggest reasons for myself in the WHY I want to become one of the greatest strength and conditioning coaches.

It all comes down to making a positive difference in peoples lives, yet what i’m learning so far in my 2 year journey is that fitness is just a small part of becoming healthier and happier. As a coach I feel we play a small part in building someones lifestyle and are lucky enough to have that chance to share there journey through the goals they wish to achieve.

It took me awhile to understand how a personal trainer can make such a positive difference in someones life, without the fact of just having fitness or to just give a rep scheme for someone to work out to. Being a young Stash that’s all I ever knew for such along time and all I ever understood. As thus far I am slowly learning that there is so much more then just being an athlete.

For me the amount of people I have gotten to know at JMT, and the experiences some go through each and every day. It has become a privilege to work there knowing the amount of inspirational people there are around us, with there own story to tell; in regards to there battles to just be happy- that’s what it comes down to in my mind, in its simple form.

As a personal trainer I feel it is not just to help for fitness or nutrition but in a great way happiness… i feel is the key. Finding someone to motivate you and push you, is one of the greatest things. Helping you look for improvement, understanding there is no over night success but a matter of dedication, commitment, progress and proceeding through failure.

What we do has to be a product of our own conclusion, having someone there to guide us is just the start. There’s a lot of things that we fight through or work on, Of all honesty there is many things I find challenging and working on to better myself as a coach; with the knowledge to help others. Not just in the sense of just being physically active but also mentally.

So I leave this with you, it is something I look at as much as possible. It was given to me just the other day and now becomes something I say to myself on a regular basis. “ Forget past mistakes, forget failures, forget everything except what your going to do and do it”

How Many Reps Of Txting Have You Done?



Texting while you drive is obviously dangerous to yourself and those on the road with you, well known fact.

Texting while training hurts not only your  momentum, your  focus, and your overall pineapple pump!

But the gains train results are minimized and the value you give YOUR time and your training time is discredited also.

Checkout this local Coolum Cafe culling all use of phones during dining and social times. If you dine here and hand your phone over to the staff they secure your prized smartphone and celebrate your disconnection to make some re-connection by giving free drinks and some food!!!!!

Being on your phone whilst you enjoy a meal with quality people, during a meeting, with family is not social! Cannot being to applaud the change in mindset from The Coolum Cafe featured above. Being guilty of being  a phone abuser myself  I love the fact that someone is putting themselves out there as a catalyst for change!!!

Moral of today’s blog is. YOUR time is valuable, we are all busy, we all work hard, and majority of us have very little time to spend enjoying some of lifes pleasures……………….like training.

So attempt to bin the texting, checking Facey, Insta in the squat rack or between sets, because everyday is not train your THUMB day.

Stop hitting your phone and start hitting your workout, youll be far more focussed driven and motivated.

The gains train always has a seat for you!!! But its a phone free ride.


STAGPACK fundraiser

This Saturday 16th of April at 0700 we have the April #STAGPACK Challenge.

We highly encourage all members of JMT to attend, bring your friends, family and fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Wither you are an athlete or an athletic supporter we have something for you this Saturday.

A modest donation with an amount of your choice goes towards this years Many Miles for Mary (MMFM 2016) campaign.

In September Leigh and Jamie, owners and Coaches of JMT will run solo 120km a day for 19 days from Melbourne Victoria to the JMT facility on the Sunshine Coast 2080km yeooooow.

By attending this Saturday and make a subtle donation you help these lads, launch a powerful awareness and fundraising campaign for Alzheimer’s Australia and all those suffering from dementia.

In return for your time and energy this Saturday 0700-0900 we will provide the following workout, adjusted as well for all levels, and a delicious breakfast cooked by the lads.

See you Saturday team for a “Frogman’s Xmas”


  • 100 Strict Pull ups
  • 250 Push ups
  • 500 Sit ups
  • 5km Run
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The JMT Difference

We believe that how people train, lose weight, or establish health is not dependant on method.
The method they use is somewhat unimportant.
There are so many various pathways to all of the above, quite simply the method you choose generally just needs to suit you, you gotta click!
The important thing is your mind set, state, and DESIRE.
JMT Provides the quality training needed, reinforced with a network that nutures you whilst liberating your goals dreams, THATS why we are different.

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Love Yourself

Love yourself enough to make health a priority. Don’t drop out of your training journey because your not seeing results fast enough.

Physiological changes occur incrementally. You most likely won’t see much—if any—improvement from one week to the next, but over time magic happens.
Stay the course!!! No matter what! Don’t compare or judge yourself against others. It’s Your life, your journey, your glory!

Don’t be a hater in yourself be an appreciator!

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Proudly on display are our 5 Core Princeables, our company distinctives. These 5 values are what makes us different from others in our industry.

1) Mulch Effect
2) Fun
3) Service
4) Coachability
5) People First.

These lovely little frames assist in shaping the JMT culture.

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certificateof appreciation

Sunny Kids

Outstanding JMT crew!!!

In the mail today was a certificate of appreciation from Sunny Kids.
Great work to all our members who generously gifted toys, nappies, milk powder and gifts for the wheel barrow Xmas donations.

We did a great thing!!!

Tues 02/02/16

A) Clean “Work up to 5RM for TODAY. What you mind, body and circumstances allow.” (20:00)

B) Complete for time: (20:00)

  • 100 Wall Ball Cleans
  • 80 Wall Ball Press
  • 60 Wall Ball Lunges
  • 40 Wall Balls


10 X 200m sprints with 90sec rest between

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Many Miles For Mary

Did you know, Jamie and Leigh are running from Melbourne to the JMT facility 2000km in September this year at 120km a day.
Under the banner of MMFM in support of Alzheimer’s Australia.

We need your help!

Every 2nd Saturday of the month, starting March the 12th at 0900 we are facilitating the JMT ‪#‎stagpack‬ challenge. For a monetary donation you can take part as an individual or as a team, and we will even throw in breakfast!

PS- We need volunteer cooks for the BBQ.
Please pop your name down on the events whiteboard, we would love to see a maximum turn out!
Thank you for your support!


Team Up in 2
Complete in [45:00]
400m Barbell Carry
P1 – 400m Run w/ plate
P2 – 50m gorilla crawl
1 wall climb
15 Front Squat
10 Burpee box jump w/ plate press shoulder press
5km trail run GO BUSH or GO BEACH