The Buck 3

Calling all O.C.R athletes, Spartan racers, CrossFitters and fitness enthusiasts, TIME TO TRY SOMETHING NEW!
Truth is however, why the hell would you even consider attempting a 6 hour Ultra Endurance  event called The Buck 3 anyway?
Surely there would have to be some risks involved attempting an outlandish event based on an animal with antlers that runs for 6 hours? Could it effect your current strength cycle? Your current training program? Or just be well out of your pre conceived capabilities? Or could it just be one of those conventional fitness get togethers where you leave the event Saturday afternoon GUTTED that you’ll never ever get those wasted hours of your life back?
Most people cannot relate to the idea of completing a 90 min workout, let alone an ultra event, but the utterly ridiculous nature of The Buck 3 brings  participants closer to there preconceived limits.
You will become part of a 60 person unit for 6 hours!
Yes there is competition between individuals, but the real competition is you! You against the distance, you against the time, you against the course, you vs YOU!!!!
If you finish, then you win! If you hit the podium then YOU win, this is an internal journey, testing your resolve, mental tenacity, and all fitness diversities.
The Buck 3 is a combination of all exercise methods which have had powerful influence over the fitness industry during the last 15 years.
OCR, Spartan, CrossFit, Military selection, and endurance based methodology fused together by world class coaches and current world record holders.
 So grind with the people you are with, make a lot of friends, and when you go back to work on Monday, you have the satisfaction that you were able to push your limit, do something you thought maybe you could never do, and wake up on the 30th of July and realise YOU DID NOT WAKE UP TO BE MEDIOCRE!!!!
Register today,  there are only 30 Spots remaining as we are 50% full, don’t miss out


PT blog


Five people that can answer yes to at least 4 out of the 5 questions featured below. Five people that want maximum results, real results, the ones that are fully earned and are legitimately worn with pride! The life changers!

We are speaking about results that can be achieved in a much shorter time frame then you ever considered possible, at 50% of the normal cost of personal training services, this should be super appealing to the “Time Poor” Sunshine Coast professional, or the SCP who wants a remarkable service at a truly affordable BARGAIN! price, Is this you?

Please take a little time to answer the following 5 questions.

  • Are you not  progressing with your training?
  • Are you regressing with your training?
  • Are you unhappy with your body weight?
  • Do you have moments where you feel unhappy with the way you look?
  • And are you actually bored shitless with your current training regime, environment, partners? And does the thought of exercising tomorrow feel about as EPIC as sticking pins in your eyes, snorting salt, and finally gouging the last remaining parts of your eye ball out with wedges of organic free range lemon and tempered spice of syphillus?

Sorry question 5 was a bit too much too soon, but a must ask all the same! #sorrynotsorry

We want 5 people who have arrived at the point of their journey where they have tried almost EVERYTHING and realise that FUCKEN nothing has seemed to work.

Have a read of  just a few of our testimonials here + Media articles and even a small portion of our reviews on FB

The trumpet tooting reviews and the trumpet blowing testimonials have not been provided to impress you, however they have been provided to impress upon YOU that we have a facility, service and powerful benefits that could be exactly what your looking for right now at this very time.


We provide a 30 min personal training session, nutritional support, programme development for $53 dollars a pop at a time convenient to you.

Research has shown that an individual who exercises for 30 min a day will lose 1kg more then those that train for 60 min a day on average. Individuals who workout for 30 min a day also display far greater energy levels after the shorter session, leaving some sparkle left in the tank for the rest of the day!

Let me finish on this.

Imagine going into BFresh cafe here on the Coast. In there cabinets they sell an amazing Paleo bar, a real game changer. You look at it, you love it, it arouses your hungry, stimulates your taste buds, and leaves your mouth glistening with Palaeolithic anticipation…………..and you read the ingredient list on the wrapper.

Carefully you think to yourself, SHIT!!! I can make this bad boy, in fact, load up the ute Coles here i come, i can almost get all of these ingredients from Woolies or Coles and make a little sneaky batch myself “WINNING”

Problem is you have two problems. One the glistening in your mouth has fucken bailed because its taken you too long to get the ingredients, but more importantly the major problem is you have the INGREDIENTS! just not the most important part which is the FORMULA for making them.

The thing is if you have the formula for Paleo bars, i.e the instructions as too how long i bake them for and  do I whisk the eggs, add the dates first, mash, smash and sift the cacao, or do I simply smear the banana all up into the cinnamon pods!!! Fucken hooray!!!!!! The Paleo bars are on me! BIG PROBLEM! They always provide the ingredients list for the AWESOME products, they very rarely provide the formula.

Training effectively and achieving results is the same. Google exercise programs and you’ll get a million links within 3 secs on Google giving you ALL the ingredients and much more, however the common thread is you don’t and will not be giving a quality formula!

Please let us eliminate the trial and error. 5 People can step into our world at a very cost effective price and in a time frame which is efficient, getting game changing results.

Infact its only 4 people now as one signed on last night prior to me finishing this blog.  THIS WILL FILL for details and booking registration.


Power to Change


I’m personally a huge believer in, and slowly figuring out that charity often should begin at home.

In fact we must endeavour to even try and put ourselves first regularly. Something many of us fail to do.

But todays story is not about the journey of self or the efforts on the home front. It is about what portion  of my life or yours  we give to others. Others less fortunate, others with the inability to do it for themselves, or even consider doing on their home front.

Busy lives and crazy professional schedules does not mean we have to write of the act of service or giving completely. In 60 min or less you can make a real POWERFUL CHANGE and significant difference to your community.

If you are reading this and you are a current member of J.M.T,  then I am assuming you are aware of 1,  or all 3 of our highly supported and remarkable organisations.

Organisations that are out there trying to make some good and positive change to an ever evolving society.

  1. Many Miles for Mary 2016 (Supporting Alzheimer’s Australia and the research into dementia)
  2. MND and ME Foundation (Supporting Kirsty Levy and the Lancaster Family)
  3. Just Be Nice Project (Josh Jones of Odin Sport, clothing apparel at J.M.T and M.M.F.M)

=================>DO YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED?


WAY NUMBER ONE- On the 19th of June at J.M.T we have a fundraising Bootcamp, non members can take part, theres a 60 min workout, a live D.J, and a BBQ!!

Put the patriotic nature of training at another establishment aside if you are non members, consider this a unique opportunity to give to a very worthy cause and an amazing way to spend your Sunday morning.

Please come and enjoy yourselves and be confident in the fact you are VERY welcome and we would love  to have your company and support on the 19th.

WAY NUMBER TWO- Encourage your employers or company to sponsor or donate to any of the following organisations. That would just be awesome. YOU can be the catalyst for a substantial financial aid to either of the above. Awesome Karma for you, you little action taker!!!

WAY NUMBER THREE- Contact all of your friends personally and involve them in our community positive change. 15-60 min out of your week dedicated to the ONE THING!!!! Making some awareness in your circle. Sports teams, friends, work, friends, family, friends, did i mention friends. Its the rule of 10. Of every one person you contact, share a post with, tag in, call or message. They too will take action. You got this come on have a fair crack 15-60 min.

WAY NUMBER FOUR-  For every item purchased from the JBN Project, Odin will donate a brand new item to disadvantaged, homeless and rough sleeping Australians. One for One. This is a win win situation! Decked out in winter lushness!!! And so is someone else less fortunate!!!!!

WAY NUMBER FIVE- If your reading this blog and you are not aligned with any of our community organisation that is 100% COOL. Here is a small list of non JMT related community enhancement!!!

  • Volunteer at a community project
  • Set up a small fundraise yourself
  • Share this blog
  • Help a neighbour or friend, paint, repair their home or even take their stuff to the dump.
  • Pay it forward with a random act of kindness. If you can pay for someones parking or shopping consider it. Just once!

The smallest good deed is better then the grandest intention

Go out and nail it, you can do this, take action today, 60 min max! commit, act and succeed.  POWER TO MAKE POSITIVE CHANGE Starts with YOU.




DO YOU! Want to look amazing in real life, not virtual reality?
Do you want to look stunning all the time and not through a filter or three on Instagram, or with the perfect lighting or angle of your phone via Snapchat, but in REAL LIFE.
It is well known that in FOUR weeks of following a quality exercise program with attention to nutrition YOU will begin to see change.
In EIGHT weeks your friends and family will witness your change and comment on THEIR observations.
In TWELVE weeks it is proven that the WORLD will see the new you and comment on YOUR achievements.
4 Weeks you notice
8 Weeks friends will notice
12 Weeks the world notices the NEW YOU.
JUNE 13TH at JMT we are launching afternoon SEMI PRIVATE training sessions for 6 people ONLY.
IT WILL BE A 12 WEEK FULL BODY TRANSFORMATION! Guaranteed or every single dollar will be refunded
Do you want the body YOU want, the body YOU have always dreamed of before summers back?
The work starts now! The 13th of June!
Weekends at Alex, Mooloolaba, Noosa and PT Cartwright will be completely different for you this coming Summer.
IMAGINE, confidently leaving your car in the car-park with your shirt bunched up and scrunched  on the front seat.
You walk with confidence to the beach, not like last summer, when you kept your shirt on until it was uncomfortable and brutally hot and unbearable, remember pulling your shorts up a little higher to kind of tuck the tummy in a bit?
This time the sand will slip in-between your toes it will be the most empowering feeling as the skin of your tight tummy and toned arms are warmed by the remarkable Sunshine Coast sun.
Not only will you love the new YOU, so will the onlookers!!!
Time to look stunning in REAL LIFE all the time, not just in VIRTUAL REALITY!
6 People, thats IT!
The AFTERNOON SEMI PRIVATE TRAINING SESSIONS WILL FILL Don’t miss out, registration closes JUNE 10th 1700




Please continue reading below a blog written by one of the amazing members here at JMT Nerida Punter.

Would you like to contribute to our community? Would you like to share with us some of your writing about ANYTHING of which you feel has value to yourself and the rest of us?

Please email us at we would LOVE to read about your thoughts, experiences and journey.

The amazing NERIDA PUNTER!

I have lots of roles in life – a wife, a mother, a  daughter and sister, a marketing consultant and graphic designer, a business owner.   I love all of these roles and they keep me active both physically and mentally.  They are all about being in service to others though, and if I’m not careful I can get lost in the frenetic whirlwind of life.

On our 10th wedding anniversary in August 2011, when my youngest child was 8 months old, I decided I needed to do something for me.  I needed a goal, something to keep me inspired and maybe even inspire others, inspire my family, my children, other mothers.    I decided to do a half marathon and locked in the first Sunshine Coast Half Marathon which was a twilight run up at Coolum.  I researched some running plans, found a running club, set my plan and off I went.  I still remember how elated I was when I did my first 10km run and then 20km.  I was hooked.

Fast forward almost 5 years and I have been fortunate to run in some beautiful places, with some truly amazing people.  Old and young, big and small, first timers and veterans – most so helpful with tips and motivational words of wisdom or just providing a distraction as the kilometres pass.  I have run half marathons; 25km trail and road races; a full marathon, a 50km road run and lots of bits and pieces in between.  I love learning about the mechanics of running, how to become more efficient, how to deal with the variables, the nutrition and hydration challenges and more than anything I love the feeling of achievement when I set my goals, I map out a plan and I do everything I can to achieve it.

Enter Jamie Milne Training.  Life is super active (I acknowledge by choice), trying to schedule our week with three kids under 10 at school and every afternoon and some mornings full of their activities.  A full time working life with our own business and my own separate business and also time for my husband to squeeze in his training too.  I wanted an exercise program that was effective and efficient, not only to help me prepare for events, but to help me recover really quickly so I could get on with life.

I read Jamie’s e-book, started fitting in 2 – 3 strength and conditioning sessions a week, and then 10 weeks out from the latest trail half I did on Hamilton Island, I started on Jamie’s running training plan for a Half Marathon.  Compared to my previous preparations, the plan Jamie set was less about pounding the pavement for hours on end and more about strength and endurance with speed.  I felt like, for the most part, it slipped into my lifestyle quite well.  For many of the interval sessions I would run on the beach while the kids where at nipper training, or do intervals around the oval wile the kids where doing athletics or the kids would scooter, skate board, bike road along side of me (usually telling me to speed up).  I missed sessions here and there and had to amend others when I ran out of light, or just ran out of time.  I suppose what I am saying is that I choose to set challenging goals for MEand I choose to follow a plan and therefore I choose to fit it in as much training as I can amongst my daily commitments to get me to my goals.  It is possible because I choose make it possible.

Year on year, I smashed 5 minutes off my Hamilton Island Hilly half time, I felt strong (despite going into the event feeling a bit unwell) I kept my form and had some pace for the end, and my recovery was excellent.  Most importantly I really, really enjoyed the event, being there with my family and hanging out with some super motivated people who taught me a lot about a sport that I love.


So what I have learnt (or re-learnt) this year?

• The relentless box jumps, lunges, bear crawls, back squats, front squats, dead lifts, broad jumps, burpees and so on most definitely improved my ability to smash out the hills.   They will always be a part of my training from here on.
• 800m x 8 intervals suck every time
• I have to stop feeling self conscious about my ‘weight lifting’ technique and the weight I lift.  I know I always do the best I can, and that’s ok.
• Comparison is the thief of joy
• 1km x 8 intervals suck more than the 800m ones!
• Filling my life boat with people who support me, motivate me, encourage me, teach me, challenge me is so important.  I choose to play with people who are life giving, not life taking.
• 1.2km x 8  intervals on the beach suck the most.
• I make choices every day. I choose to step up rather than step out.




Seek a journey that will open your heart, open your mind and achieve something very special for somebody else.

Fast forward to September 17th 2016 Jamie and Leigh of J.M.T Sunshine Coast will take on a run through 3 Australian States, 2080km over an 18 day time frame.

Starting from the Odin Performance Centre in Melbourne’s Albert Park all the way to the J.M.T Facility in Warana on the Sunshine Coast.

The lads give their service, bodies, and time to a very worthy and very real cause. Alzheimer’s Australia.

It is very powerful to think that the MMFM campaign started EIGHT years ago with the wheels continuing to turn in memory of Jamie’s Nanny, Mary who passed away in the late 90’s to the soul destroying and memory thief “Alzheimers”.

In an attempt to capture your attention, your focus, support and generosity Leigh and Jamie invite you to please come along for the 16 week journey.

This is largely made possible via the support and sponsorship of the following 3 major companies and the community drive from the team at ==> Search 4 Hurt <==

 The preparation of “LIFE” for these two guys just got a whole lot more demanding.

The event itself is a mere 18 days, however the forecasting, commitment, and time demands are 5-6 months.

Share this with us.

Both business owners of JMT Strength and Conditioning on the Sunshine Coast have agreed to allow a very intimate and transparent look at the “How” and the “why” of MMFM 2016.

  • QUESTION– Exercise, what does it actually take physically to do this? How does a grown man not lose his “Beach pump” biceps whilst training for such a massive event.
  • ANSWER– We only run 30-50km per week choosing to not waste our energy on “Junk Miles” excess km, similar to conventional volume based running programs. Strength training is a MUST
  • QUESTION– How do you run a business, juggle family, have life whilst training for this, and recover?
  • ANSWER – We eat clean, supplement well, and try and sleep more, stress less.

This seems great, achievable, and a very balanced approach, reality is life is one hell of a  roller coaster.

Ups, downs, troughs, massive highs and a few spew type moments.

Get a ticket, chuck that solid rubber seatbelt on and join us.

Facebook for training and nutrition updates-

Facebook for charity progress, media, general MMFM

Instagram and Snapchat for the jovial light hearted stuff JamieMilneTraining and jmtstagpack on Snapchat

Finally thank you! It is with immense grace, and gratitude that we embark and saddle up to go do our thing. Grateful for the opportunity to actually physically attempt to do this. That our two hearts beat, our muscles churn and burn and that our lungs scream and fill, so we can have a crack.

Arohanui to family and friends who with their own selfless selves get in behind the campaign, and back the boys.

Jacinta Lis the relentless and professional Event Planner we love yah!!! thank you.

Josh Jones from Odin, we love Yah man, #JBN project all day everyday killing it for the good!!!!

We are actively seeking people to come and join us for a run to register-

Donation website is here




June 19th at Jamie Milne Training (2/7 Premier Circuit Warana) 0730-0830 We have a fundraiser Bootcamp for The MND (Motor Neurone Disease) and ME Foundation.

This 60 min Bootcamp session will push attendees various fitness levels to their various fitness limits guranteed! No one will be pushed beyond the achievable yet no one will be left behind.

The JMT Coaches, Leigh, Jamie and Anthony’s point of difference is experience, with time also served in the Military. Put all of this depth into the mix, add a massive serving of FUN!!! and you have the remarkable makings for a game changing Bootcamp event like no other on the Coast.

Basic weight training, High intensity activities, body weight movements and uniquely challenging activities targeted at a group and team dynamic.

Register as an individual today at and be assigned to a team prior to the 19th of June!

There is nothing better then feeling like a herd of wounded turtles stampeding through peanut butter  then being all out in that smooth nuttiness  all by yourself! The team that raises funds together stays together.

  • THE COST– $10 Per person
  • THE CHALLENGE!- To have 100 people in attendance and raise $1000 from entries  for MND and ME Foundation and create MAXIMUM awareness! For the MND and ME foundation
  • THE BENEFITS FOR YOU!- Besides the actual awesomeness of doing something for those truly less fortunate then ourselves we have amazing door prizes, raffles at $5, LIVE D.J, and Vendors such as Nutrition Warehouse Kawana


  • Spa treatment for two at the Ikatan Spa in Noosa valued at $460.00
  • 6 Month FULL membership at J.M.T
  • Wine packs, rebel Australia packs, Camping B.B.Q, Eye brow package with I-Brow H.Q to name but a few

So remember one of life’s most persistent and powerful questions


REGISTER NOW and PLEASE recruit ALL of your friends. Share this post, share this link, REGISTER NOW


Semi privates

WE HAVE 2 SPOTS LEFT For our secound Semi Private training group THIS WILL FILL! 

We believe at JMT in creating happy, healthy and knowledgeable people. We are creatures of habit, good and bad. And at JMT our Coaches passionately assist, nurture, and teach positive habits of healthy eating, complimentary lifestyle choices, and QUALITY training via our new Semi Private training format. This is tentative to the individuals specific needs, innovative in its approach and conducted in a small group environment. Perfect for progress and challenging even the most stubborn plateau.


  • 3 Semi private sessions each week, with 5 other people, at a fixed time slot
  • 1 x Monthly Bio Signature assessments (Body composition testing, fat storage identification etc)
  • 1 x Monthly Movement and Postural analysis
  • 1 x Track-ability and accountability with your Coach (We monitor and record EVERYTHING as per a One on One scenario) per month + group support.
  • 1 x Monthly individual meal plans, tailored to your INDIVIDUAL needs.

The Semi privates at JMT Will challenge the fitness industry status quo, it will be the way forward for added value, education and sustainability.

We are so confident of its application that we will give a 100% money back garuntee if you fail to see the value in this new format.

Don’t miss the boat on this one 2 SPOTS LEFT! to register, or speak to any of the team at JMT for more info.




#STAGPACK Fundraiser for May. “Hormonal Hill”

At 0700 The JMT Community and anyone else keen on the Sunshine Coast will head off  from Wild Rocket Restaurant Montville for a 16km run down into Palmwoods and back up to Wild Rocket.

This is part of a fundraising campaign for Many Miles for Mary 2016 supporting  and raising funds for Alzheimer Australia.

Leigh, Jamie and with the amazing support of the JMT Community will attempt to run 2080km from Melbourne Victoria, through 3 Australian States and 4 major cities uphill all the way to the JMT facility on the Sunshine Coast.

The two lads will run 60km each a day for 18 days. WOW!!!!! This September

Please come and show your support tomorrow either as an athlete or an athletic supporter.

The Sunshine Coast Daily will be there in the morning and we will also be conducting an epic raffle.

RAFFLE For MMFM 2016 (On sale now at JMT
$10 Gets you a pretty epic package this week at JMT.
1 X Month full membership @ JMT ($200)
1 X JMT Singlet or shirt ($40)
1 X The Buck 3 entry ($99)
1 X $50 Voucher to the amazing restaurant in the pic Wild Rocket
TOTAL = $390 for a simple $10 ticket.

Post event tomorrow there will be brunch at Wild Rocket Restaurant for those needing to re-fuel and re-hydrate.

If your free tomorrow come bring the kids, family and friends as we all know Montville is a great place to spend a Saturday, rain hail, or intense sunshine.

Thank you for your support. Donations can be made here if your feeling charitable.

FULFILLMENT- The Art Of Selfhood

Fuck it

 “Fulfilment” The art of Self-hood.

Do you have low self-esteem?

Low Self-worth?

Do you have an underlying current of “I don’t deserve this person, this job, these amazing friends” etc?

If you don’t then read no further. However truth be known you are in a very very small minority.

Me, I sit ever so neatly into the majority, into the struggle street, woe is me pity parade!

Until recently.

I was challenged not that long ago. I was blatantly asked “Do you reckon you suffer from low self-esteem bro?” And I answered very easily, far to casually, “Yes.”

It was a given for me, I assumed this feeling of unworthiness was my lot in life, this was the story I’ve told myself from a young age, and this is the story I had continued well into adulthood.

I believed my turbulent and very colourful childhood, early military experience, and very poor decision making allowed me to secure this right.

Is it a get out of jail free card? Does having low self-worth effect situations, conversations, relationships and decisions making?

I firmly believe it does!

So besides countless hours of therapy, self-help books, podcasts, You Tube clips, Instagram posts, Memes reminding us all we have rainbows of colours shining out our arses and we look amazing on unicorn back. The penny had still failed to drop.

Contrary to what Facebook shows you of our amazing lives, or at least the parts we decide to plaster on our walls, the majority of us don’t feel to crash hot about ourselves. And I am one of you also.

So how does one flick the needle the other way?

How do we actually feel confident in the way we look? The way we hold ourselves? The relationships we keep? How do we love ourselves enough to put ourselves before our partners, our business and before our children? WOW!!!!!!

How could we even consider being so selfish?

Did Jamie just write that? He is off his head? Have the wheels actually fallen off?

Me before my partner, my business, MY children?

You know what, it’s not SELFISH, its SELF-FULL. Its fulfilment. Consider this.

It is about filling your cup first so that others may drink from your amazing bone china. Once your cup is full, then when it spills over, those in your orbit may drink and get some of your amazing sparkle.

As Shakespeare was famous for saying “Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.”

So Next question, is self-love enough of a catalyst for change, is it enough to shove the esteem needle in the other direction?

Probably not. There is a major component and a foundation for CHANGE, and it sits so close to home, so close to your heart, to your very being, so close under your nose most of us don’t even know it’s there.

To enhance and increase one’s self-esteem and self-worth, One must do the HARD WORK!!!! Deal with the tough decisions, have the tough conversations, sift through the awkward situations.

Then one becomes empowered and has an increase in self-pride and worth, WHY? Because you did the work. The work that was required and needed to be done.

Let me tell you a quick story.

Meet Mick, Mick is 110kg and his doctor has informed him he must lose 30kg or he won’t be around much longer to enjoy his children, his wealthy lifestyle and even have a remote quality of life.

Mick has money, what does Mick do? Pays a surgeon to hack some bits of him off, suck some wobbly bits down the sink, and surgically transform his body.

And so with money spent and surgery performed Mick is now down to a healthy 80kg after a month of recovery, light activities and lifestyle changes.

How great is this? Mick after 6 weeks is running around with the kids, doesn’t sweat when he’s not in aircon, now fits his Abercrombie and Fitch jeans he wore when he and Shazza got engaged 6 years ago. WINNING!!!

So off they go living happily ever after with an abundance of self-esteem and self-worth and pinging on life.

The final question is – Do you think Mick is empowered, proud, and have an honest increase in self-esteem and self-worth in 2 months time?

The answer, not likely!


Because Mick didn’t do the hard work, there was no journey, there was no time in the trenches, good old Mick didn’t earn his scars, there is no growth, change or sustainability with taking the easy road.

As the famous saying reads “A short cut takes you to a place not worth going.”

Let’s flip this little story right on its head.

Rewind the tape.

Mick goes to the doctor, Doctor tells him “Mick! You gotta lose 30kgs etc” We know the story.

Here is the decision that changes Mick’s destiny.

He gets a trainer for support, accountability and to eliminate some of the trial and error.

Mick still must do the work, but this Mick is switched on, he knows this.

He educates himself with nutrition, he establishes a solid support network, and Shazza his missus saddles up and accompanies him on his journey. His best mate Pete trains with him as well, and how the tables have changed.

Mick’s journey takes 18 months.


He looks back often and with a smile a mile wide as he reminisces of the journey he has taken. Mick fondly and with an immense pride shares his before and after pics with friends, family and any damn person who sits long enough to see, the start and the end of his journey.

The moral of this blog, and the call to action for YOU!!! Ye of low self-esteem and low self-worth, consider being just like Mick, and just like me.

Do the hard work, have the tough conversations, and deal with the difficult situations.

Make yourself proud, love yourself, put yourself first, and watch how the universe rewards you, with a cup pouring over for others, and an emotional and esteem bank account that is in true abundance.

Go give yourself a hug and massive high 5!

Jamie Milne