It is not your typical Sunshine Coast morning out there today, with the backlash from Cyclone Debbie coming through its blowing a gale and pouring with rain. As I sit dry and sheltered drinking my bullet proof coffee (if you have not tried adding butter, ghee or coconut oil to you coffee, do it!) it got me thinking about gratitude, there are many times in life when we could focus on the things we don’t have but what about all the stuff we do have? Well, my guess is if you sat down and really thought about what honestly matters to you, your ‘I have’ list would out weigh your ‘I don’t have’ list, and if it does not then what are you doing about this? Last weekend I listened to an interview with Gary V (entrepreneur extraordinaire) and out of the entire 1 hour 45 mins the main thing that has played on my mind was the moment he pointed out that he is grateful and that gratitude has played a major role in his success, how awesome is that! On this note I challenge everyone to join me for the month of April in 30 days of gratitude, find something each day you are genuinely grateful for, even on the days when you struggle there is always something good to be taken from each day.

However, expanding on this, having gratitude is just the beginning, if you want to turn a dream into a goal then you need to take action! Lots of action! A number of you will have heard the saying ‘Choice, chance, change’ well this is where ‘Triple-C’ of my business name, Triple-C Fitness and Training’ originated from. Making the choice to pursue something important is the first big step and often it comes with risks, but then life is a rollercoaster so why not make it the most daring, exciting roller coaster ride you can. But, the change only comes about if you put in the work and the bigger that goal the more tunnel-visioned you need to be. Don’t fear failure, the majority (if not all) of the most successful people in this world have ‘failed’ (I am not a fan of this word!) along the way, it is part of the journey, it is where most learning happens. Go get it!

I guess I should move on to some running talk, not much running happening with the weather this morning! Have you ever asked WHY you run? We all have our own reasons; a big one for me is the pure feeling of freedom and being at ease. As much as I enjoy to train hard and feel it burn, there are just those runs, easy going, steady and relaxed that make you stand back and go, yes, that is why I run. Yep, I had one of those runs this week and it was awesome! My recipe for this = beautiful weather + beautiful location + beautiful friend.

Do you remember when you first started to run? Or maybe you are just at the beginning now? It all seems quite hard work and I commonly hear ‘I hate running’ from people who are just starting out (by the way when you say this to me, its like hearing the worst profanities you can imagine) and I wont lie it is hard work but then so are a lot of things! And then once this gets easier keeping yourself running injury free and progressing your performance can be even harder. I will continue to drum this into everyone – strength and mobility training is the key no matter what stage of your running adventures you are at! You need to make your body strong in order to move and perform at its best and you then need to help it recover, the actual running is just half the story.

Just before I sign off here are my recommendations to help you with your recovery:

  • Good Nutrition, more good nutrition and then more again!
  • Quality sleep
  • Mobility – how do you expect your body to move well if it is all bound up, running like a robot is not a good look and after all life is all about looking ‘cool’


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