The Long Game:
I’ve done a lot of study on movement. Like for reals…. I’m definitely standing on the shoulders of giants, but man: the human body, it’s design and it’s capabilities absolutely fascinate me.
I literally think I have an obsession. When I see a well working human machine it just revs the engine. I know, it’s weird, but hey we all have our things…

Because I have such a huge interest in the body, and especially into bodies that have some kind of “missing link” to being complete or “optimal”, I really enjoy understanding into depth just how unbelievably complex we are!

Like for instance.. did you know we are made up mainly of 90% bacteria that is in a symbiotic relationship with us!?! As in 90% of what we think makes up us, isn’t actually us at all!! WHAT?!? That’s baffling when you really think of it… like 90 cents of your dollar doesn’t belong to you…that’s freakin NUTS!

Sorry, got a bit excited there…. anyways…
the simple point I’m throwing out there is that we are infinitely fascinating and infinitely complex, and it has taken billions of years (depending on what you believe) for our bodies to have evolved into the ultimate physiological conscious, cognitive machines that we are so lucky to inhabit today.

So it always makes me wonder why so many humans are under the notion that by creating a small change within a fraction of a fraction of their tiny lives they will receive a life long result (ex: ok I’ve got 3 months to fit into this dress, then I’ll be happy and can call it a day).

It’s literally crazy. Possible? Sure, and maybe even important to get the ball rolling, but what’s the lasting outcome after that? One can only pray that along that 12 week journey as in the example above, they realise it’s about much more than fitting into a dress. Much, much more.

What on this planet has come into our mind where we decide that after the last 5 to 10 perhaps even 30 years of living a certain way, we are going to unsustainably and radically alter just a few choices for a certain amount of a time period, achieve certain results and then just go back into the habits we had in the first place?

Yeah, I had to re-read that myself. You laugh, because it is a ridiculous question, yet it is exactly what most people think is the standard to being a happy, fulfilled and healthy human being.

We are feeding ourselves an external lie. We have all been caught up in this short game.

To achieve real results on some real levels that last a lifetime, we have to transition from the short game mentality, into the long game approach.

If you desire change, then yes, you need to transition into change in the way that works best for you. And never look back! Yo-yo loops that people get caught up in only happen because they didn’t really want to become the change in the first place. Change means forever. It is your way of being. No fads, no challenges, no next big thing. Those are just tools. Use them, but do not think they are the answer. They are just a part of your awesome-ness journey. Change happens when you decide that this is something you want for the rest of your life. Which means you have your whole life to master it. So what’s the damn rush?! Stop attaching to the results and start living in a way that makes you feel happy, healthy and strong NOW and FOREVER! Yes, right now (because now IS forever!- whaaaaaaat?!).

Brain-splosion? That’s cool. It happens. Keep going.

Don’t know where to start?! Just ASK! Seriously. It’s that easy these days. Just find a group that sparks your interest and post the question. There is a plethora (a cornucopia even?) of beautiful people in this world who want to see you achieve everything you want. The are wanting, waiting and even wishing to give out some of the best answers they have come to discover in this world!

But at the end of the day they will not do it for you.. ever. It’s gotta be you and it’s gotta be all the time. So where are you at? Focused on the short game? Or have your eyes set on the bigger picture. Get those wide angled lenses into focus and start making decisions that stop your sprinting pace from actually harming you in this marathon…. slow down, enjoy, learn, grow, embrace, hell cry a bit if you need to, it’s all there for you to take in when you shift out of the desire to achieve as fast as possible…. I think we all have a basic (at least physical) idea of what’s at the big finish line anyway. 🙂

Much Love Peeps.

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